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    Dimensions — 5 x 7.75 in

    Format — Paperback, PDF

    Categories — Books, Exclude From Sale, Poetry

    Brand — Thought Catalog Books

    Page Count — 144

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    Anticipate Good Things Coming

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    To the ones on their self-love journey, to my hopeful romantics, to my over-thinkers, and those in between: This is for you. The ones who care but pretend not to—you deserve people in your life who don’t leave you feeling confused when you ask how they feel about you. To the ones who need a reminder—you are worthy of all the self-love you choose to give yourself. To those who desire a love story—it will enter your life when you least expect it. To those who might be upset with life not going as planned—remain optimistic and trust that good things are coming. 

    Anticipate Good Things Coming is a reflection of Stephanie Fonseca’s personal experiences, shared in hope that others will find comfort in them.

    Meet The Author

    Stephanie Fonseca

    Stephanie Fonseca is a writer from California. She turns her thoughts into words.