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about us

Shop Catalog brings together a community of creative minds to make beautiful products and reading experiences

books contain universes

With every book we publish, we collaborate with authors to build a universe extending beyond the page. We ideate and produce events, podcasts, digital artifacts, as well as physical objects like clothing, candles, and journals.


Chris Lavergne


Chris is the founder and publisher of Shop Catalog. For him, Shop Catalog is an ideal playground for realizing some of the most rewarding projects of his career. “Having built most of my career on digital products, Shop Catalog represents a unique challenge, because we’re always making things that people will interact with in real life.”

Noelle Beams

Chief Executive

Noelle is the chief operating officer of The Thought & Expression Company and the leader of the business, creative, manufacturing, and shipping logistics of the Shop Catalog universe. “Shop Catalog is such a unique brand to work for because everything we make has such a long history and deliberate approach.”

KJ Parish

Art Director

KJ Parish is a multitalented design leader that oversees the creative and operational realities of Shop Catalog productions, particularly the design and printing of Shop Catalog book products under the Thought Catalog Books brand.

Isidoros Karamitopoulos

Circulation Manager

Isidoros makes Shop Catalog work. From shipping logistics to managing relationships with customers and retail partners, Isidoros is the operational key to our organization.

Bianca Sparacino

Creative Director

Bianca Sparacino is a poet and creative director behind Shop Catalog. Her vision and taste are sprinkled throughout our products and add a particular comfortable-yet-high-end aesthetic throughout the Shop Catalog product line.

Brianna Wiest


Brianna Wiest is a partner at The Thought & Expression Co., and leads both product and brand development as well as new author acquisition. She has designed a number of the products on Shop Catalog, alongside her own books.

Douglas Johnson

Technology Officer

Doug has been making websites since 1996 — and doing so at Thought & Expression Co. for the past ten years. “Shop Catalog is the place where our work meets the real world. It’s a joy to know our products are a part of people’s lives.”

manufacturing & shipping

Shop Catalog products are made all over the world and are shipped from warehouses in Pennsylvania and New York. The primary factories we work with are in the United States. On all of our product description pages, we offered detailed information about each product.

contact us

We always want to hear from you. If you’re a customer or potential customer, feel free to reach out to us at If you’re interested in carrying our products in your store or placing a bulk order, please contact us at or find us on