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I Affirm: Tender Affirmation Cards For Your Soft Girl Era

The I Affirm deck is a supportive tool for growth wherever you are on your inward journey. Each card contains an encouraging message that will help you shift into a self-nurturing state of mind. When you feel stuck and can’t see a way forward, the affirmation cards offer gentle advice, direction or a deeper perspective to consider.

Favorite Use Cases

  • Compliment Tarot Readings: Use a card to enhance tarot insights.
  • Daily Journal Prompts: Start journaling with a card's message.
  • Morning Routine: Draw a card to set a positive intention for the day.
  • Inspiration Board: Display cards for daily inspiration. 
  • Goal Setting: Use messages to set and focus on goals.
  • Vision Board: Add cards to your vision board for manifestation.

Potential Benefits

  • Positivity: Shift away from shame-based thinking.
  • Self-Awareness: Gain insight into current thoughts and feelings.
  • Stress Relief: Use the gentle messaging to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Stronger Relationships: Connect with others by using the deck with friends or clients.
  • Creative Spark: Inspire writing and art.
  • Personal Growth: Use as a daily intention-setting or self-reflection practice.
  • Mindfulness: Attune to where you are and where you want to go.

How to Use the Cards 

Shuffle the deck until a card falls out or until your hand touches a card that feels particularly inviting. Read the card’s message and sit for a few moments with your message. Consider what the cards may be inviting you to see from a more tender perspective.

Alternatively, you can shuffle the deck and then flip the cards face up. Find the card with the message you are looking for at the moment. The cards on the right and left of your chosen card will tell you what shifts are needed for you to realize the energy you want.

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Chrissy Stockton

Chrissy Stockton is a writer, thinker, and creative cheerleader based on the Internet.


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