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    Forgive Yourself Candle

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    Categories — Candles, Home

    Brand — Thought Catalog

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    Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for the ways you've hurt yourself, and the ways you've let others hurt you too. Forgive yourself for not knowing better, not doing better, not being better. Forgive yourself for letting people who were wrong stay too long and take too much. Forgive yourself for not knowing how much love you deserved, how strong you can be, and what splendor you are. Forgive yourself for not seeking what should be yours because you didn't believe it could be yours. Forgive yourself for judging your tears, your pain, your grief. Forgive yourself for constantly going back to the ones who made your life darker and overlooking how much you truly are worth. Forgive yourself for putting everyone else above you and putting yourself last. Forgive yourself for not celebrating every form of yourself that was a stepping stone to who you are today.

    Words by Parm K.C.

    Fragrance: white tea • cedar • vanilla

    Will burn for approximately 90 hours.

    Meet The Creator

    Parm K.C.

    Parm K.C. is a Punjabi-Canadian writer from Alberta.