30+ Best Philosophy Books To Read Today

Philosophy books are a great way for you to get inside the mind of the greatest thinkers and learn their wisdom and interpretations of different movements, ideas, topics, and how everything connects.

40+ Best Feminist Books Everyone Should Read

Are you a feminist?  If not, you should be! Be an advocate of equal rights for all genders and races and read more books by female writers.  If you don’t know where to start, here is a large list of the best feminist books you need to add to your to-read list. From fiction and […]

The Cutest Stuffed Animals to Cozy Up Your Space

Let’s face it. Stuffed animals are not just for children. Their soft and plush textures warm our hearts like a good hug. We give them as gifts to someone who’s healing or to show our love for our partner on Valentine’s Day. They make our beds more comfortable or mark our shelves with memories of […]

The Best Jewelry Trends of 2022

Finding jewelry that fits your needs can be hard, but we’ve come up with a list to make it a little bit easier for you to find just what you’re looking for.

Cute Socks

The Best Cute Socks For 2020

Cute socks add that little something extra when you’re getting dressed in the morning. They turn your beat-up sneakers into a vintage vibe or add some frill to your combat boots. Not to mention that in the winter, a pair of cute fuzzy socks saves your toes from becoming ice cubes. The socks below vary […]

The Most Pretty/Beautiful Books To Display In Your Home

Books are beautiful. It’s as simple as that. If you have beautiful books in your room, then you’ll have a beautiful space. Whether it’s the story of the authors who write them, the value of the information layered within them, or the photos that illustrate throughout their pages, books tell a story. However, what’s on […]

The Best Astrology Books To Read In 2022

Astrology and zodiac signs have been an interesting topic for as long as any of us can remember (and maybe since the beginning of time), but outside of checking out horoscopes online, it’s no surprise that we might not know as much as about them as we think. There is so much to learn in […]