Let’s face it. Stuffed animals are not just for children. Their soft and plush textures warm our hearts like a good hug. We give them as gifts to someone who’s healing or to show our love for our partner on Valentine’s Day. They make our beds more comfortable or mark our shelves with memories of old places we’ve been to, making anyone feel at home.

Whether you’re looking for a gift or just a soft new animal to cozy up your room, you’ve come to the right place!

Handmade Sloth

This handmade sloth stuffed animal is sure to warm your heart. Made of cotton yarn, it’s super soft to touch and comes in either a 5 inch or 8 inch size. Sweeten up your desk space by taking the small one to work or brighten your bedroom with the larger one’s cute smile. Either way, these sloths will bring some joy to your day!

Aromatherapy Manatee

Having some back pain after a long day at work? This plush manatee acts as a heating/cooling pad, aromatherapy soother, and cuddle bud all in one! It’s microwave safe and guaranteed to relax you when you need it the most.

Stuffed Animal That Gives Back

Aside from being made from 100% cotton yarn, making them 100% snuggable, these stuffed animals come with a cause. With the purchase of one of these handmade dolls, ten meals are provided for children within North America and other countries around the world. A cuddly stuffed animal and giving back to children? Nothing is more heart-warming than that.

Plush Elephant

The eyes on this plush elephant will draw you in with one look! Its kind eyes and soft body will melt your heart, ranking it as one of the cutest stuffed animals that you need to get!

Crocheted Bumblebee

This tiny guy will have you buzzing with love! Crocheted by an artist on Etsy, this bumblebee is the sweetest addition to any room. Set him next to some fresh potted plants or hang him in a nursery. Wherever he flies around, he’s sure to bring some smiles.

Plush Avocado

Give this plush avocado an avo-cuddle! Avocados have become majorly trendy and with the adorable smile on this one, how could you go wrong?

Peach Heating Pad

The sweetest peach to soothe your aches and pains! Based off of the popular peach emoji, this stuffed animal is a built-in heating pad. Toss it in the microwave, rest it behind your back, and chill.

Plush Cheese

This quirky stuffed toy is the cheesiest way to brightens someone’s day! With its joyful smile and tiny mouse companion, it’s bound to make you smile.

Plush Sushi

Unique and adorable, these plush little stuffed animals are perfect for anyone who’s a sushi fan. Buy one that resembles your favorite sushi snack or buy a set of all the classics! The different funny faces on each one are bound to make you smile.

Lavender-Infused Hedgehog

This lavender-infused hedgehog is cute and soothing all-in-one! Microwaveable safe, heat it up and lay it on your muscles to release some tension after work. Or, slip on your softest slippers and curl up on the couch with it to unwind. Relax and ease your mind with this cute little guy!

Plush Dachshund in a Hot Dog

This stuffed dachshund in a hot dog is too cute to say no to! It’s soft to the touch and easy to squish, making him the perfect companion to cuddle with while binging your latest favorite show.

Organic Bald Eagle

This plush patriotic pal is certifiably sustainable! It’s made from G.O.T.S. Certified Organic Cotton, stuffed with recycled material, hand sewn, and built in the USA. With this soft and adorable animal, it’s easy to cuddle while giving back to our planet.


The sad face on this Blobfish makes you want to just give it a hug. Along with it’s super soft texture, it’s the perfect size to use as a small pillow. You’ll never be able to turn it’s frown around but it certainly could turn yours into a smile!

Beanie Boo Ostrich

Beanie Babies are a classic but with their line of Beanie Boo Babies, they’ve gotten even cuter. With their big doe eyes and fuzzy hair, they’re the sweetest thing to cuddle up with!

Plush Pusheen Cat

Pusheen cats are a staple in the world of social media. These cute graphic cats have been turned into super soft stuffed animals. This one is chilling, eating a bag of chips! Such a MOOD.

Lavender-Infused Dinosaur

The little sprouts of hair coming out of this guy’s head is what makes him insanely cute. However, not only is this dinosaur an adorable cuddle monster, he is lavender-infused too! set him in your bed at night to soothe you while falling asleep or on the couch to relax you while kicking back and watching some TV.

Constellation Bat

Bats are known to be creatures of the night, so what’s more fitting than one that has constellations sewn beneath his wings? This stuffed animal is handmade by an artist on Etsy that added a creative and lovable touch. For an animal that’s typically feared, this bat is awfully cute!

Oversized Teddy Bear

This massive sized teddy bear is the perfect thing to snuggle with on a night when you need a hug. Made with 100% premium polyester, this bear is incredibly soft and comfy to rest your head when you need to relax!

Handmade Stuffed Llama

This smiley llama stuffed animal is the sweetest way to someone’s heart. Entirely handmade by an artist on Etsy, these little animals will be sure to please with their soft fur and sweet faces.

Plush Octopus

Lots of arms to offer hugs, this plush octopus is as sweet as can be! That little smile is sure to win over your heart along with it being super soft and cuddly.