Books are beautiful. It’s as simple as that. If you have beautiful books in your room, then you’ll have a beautiful space.

Whether it’s the story of the authors who write them, the value of the information layered within them, or the photos that illustrate throughout their pages, books tell a story. However, what’s on the inside isn’t all that counts. It’s the cover that catches our attention and makes us want to dive deeper. With the books curated below, they display unique, colorful covers that transform any room from dull to playful. Some are more explosive in colors than others, but all containing some beautiful hues that can brighten your coffee table, plain kitchen counter, or office space. And if you’re tempted to crack them open and spiral into the words beyond the cover, there’s nothing wrong with that either!

Here are all the best pretty books to display in your home or office.

The Strength in Our Scars

This poetry book from the famous Instagram poet Bianca Sparacino is filled with inspirational words and sayings that certainly will move your heart. However, the cover of the book is a treasure in itself, perfect for any bookshelf or coffee table. The pink pastel earth tones are soothing and the scar that runs through the page changes color as different light beams hit it throughout the day. The Strength In Our Scars is a must-have for any book display.

You Are Not a Princess

While You Are Not a Princess by Mélanie Berliet, with illustrations from Saskia Wariner, is technically a book for children; it’s also a very amusing book to leave on your coffee table with a very positive message. The cute illustrations are a perfect reminder to kids (and adults) about developing a sense of self-worth rooted in your authentic desires. It’s also so adorable, how can you see that cover and not want to display this pretty book?

Free the Tipple

Whether you’re in your young 20’s and trying to spice up your first apartment, or older and searching for a colorful way to spend the night with your gals, Free the Tipple is the coolest addition to any kitchen. Its cover brings some bright shades to your counters and the title catches anyone’s eye. Take a peek inside and you’ll find cocktails based off of iconic women throughout time. Invite over your friends and kick back in your nice kitchen with some cocktails that make you feel as badass as these women!

Rock Covers

Perfect for old school rock fanatics, this vibrant book puts some of the most legendary Rock Covers on display. From ACDC to Queen, any room could benefit from these dollops of color—your house will really be rockin’!

Your Heart is the Sea 

If you love illustrations, Your Heart is the Sea by Nikita Gill is a great choice for a display book. The beautiful coral illustration on the front cover is a wonder that you can spend days staring at and studying all the visual textures in the design. What is more, the inside of the book is filled with awesome short blasts of poetry and additional sea-based illustrations.

Be Bold

Bring some light to your interior design with a book on interior design! Be Bold shares ways to make your home look livelier in color and style. With its peachy cover and pop of green, it makes a great addition to any room and will catch the eye of any guest. Be bold, and dare to decorate with this one!

Portraits of Courage

After his time serving as our United States President, George W. Bush took on the hobby of painting. The book, Portraits of Courage displays photos of war heroes he has redone in water color to honor those who have served our country. Its cover displays a select few in a grid pattern making it truly striking, while also being a great conversation starter for guests.

Dressing Barbie

This beauty is a book that celebrates Barbie’s clothing along with the women who made them. With its radiant hues of yellow and blue, this book transitions an average room into a fun one in an instant. Dressing Barbie is perfect for any fashionista or one who wants to put a bright feminine spin on their interior design.


In a minimalist mind now, the cover of Moon brings on incredible shades of blue. The shining yellow letters of the title stand out against its ominous background and would look perfect on any ledge surrounded by a sea of ivy plants. Awe-struck by the night sky above us? Feel inspired by astrology or the constellations? Pick this one up to carry that spark of curiosity and inspiration into your home.

In Pursuit of Flavor

The soft smile of Edna Lewis on the cover of her cookbook, In Pursuit of Flavor, inspires any cook to brew up something in the kitchen with a smile on their face. The soft tones of green, yellow, and red makes it a beautiful piece to set on any counter. Put on some music, throw a smile on your face, and get to cookin’!

Collectible Classics

Add a touch of literary magic to any room in your home with these Collectible Classics! These old stories are revamped with dynamic covers laced with delicate details. Anyone who has a passion for words would love selecting the collectible version of the book that made them fall in love with reading—not to mention how lovely it would look on display.

Time: The Illustrated History

An iconic piece to show, Time: The Illustrated History, is a brilliant piece to add to your home. The captivating photograph portrayed on its cover adds a sophisticated feel while adding the classic border of red to honor this revolutionary magazine.

Music: The Definitive Visual History

This book, Music: The Definitive Visual History makes an aesthetic addition to any room. Its staple black and white art of instruments makes for the perfect neutral in a section of your house filled with light and natural colors. Imagine it sitting on a ledge with some plants and black-bordered picture frames—very sophisticated and minimal feel to make a room look more put together.

Travel Guides

Whether it’s a book about your hometown roots or a layout of your destination vacation, these Travel Guides are a great way to decorate a coffee table. Its dynamic photos and playful colors add some brightness to your room but with a personal touch.

Prince: Life & Times

This playful purple cover of Prince: Life & Times is perfect for any music lover. If you’re looking for an eye-catching piece to make a room more flavorful, this is perfect for you. The shades of purple are gorgeous and with a legendary singer in its midst, it’ll make any room stand out.

The Houses of Veranda

The soft mint and teal hues on the cover of The Houses of Veranda make for chic décor. Add this to a neutral-colored bathroom: copper sinks, the right shower curtain, a nice green fern, and it would fit right in while making the small room lighter and airier.

The Botanical Bible

Imagine this book propped up on a shelf in a mud room with some potted flowers and nice linen curtains. The Botanical Bible has an intricately beautiful cover that flourishes with dynamic and lively flowers on a cream-colored background. A great way to add some subtle color to any room and maybe improve your green thumb as well!


Another display book for nature lovers, the book cover of Evergreen is a brush of lush green with a glowing earthy pink running through the typeface. The print job of the book makes it feel like a natural object, making it not only a great book to look at but also a great book to pick up and feel with your hands. You can’t go wrong with Kirsten Robinson’s beautiful book.

Rolling Stones On Air

Last but not least, Rolling Stones On Air is the right way to make any room look sunny. Make it stand out on a black table or propped up on a stand near your antique record player. This book makes a sweet match for any rocker and their corner dedicated to some old school bands. Make your room pop!

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