The stars have aligned! We’re here to give some gift ideas for that astrology lover in your life. Whether if they know the depths of their natal chart or are super skilled in tarot readings, these gifts will make their souls happy.

Manifesting Crystal Set

Give the gift of abundance! This Manifesting Crystal Set from Etsy is a great gift for those who like to meditate and set intentions. The seller, LovebyLunaCo, hand-makes and hand-selects the stones for every zodiac sign and manifestation intention (success, love, new beginnings), and places them with an informational card in a small pouch. This crystal set is personal, heartfelt, and truly the perfect gift.

Astrological Sign Necklace

If you have a friend who likes to talk about their astrological sign, let them show it off with this stunning zodiac necklace from Mejuri! Made nickel-free and from genuine gemstones, this piece is offered in gold vermeil and white sapphire. There’s a matching ring, too, in case they want to show off their sun and moon signs! I mean, who wouldn’t want that? 

Birthdate Candle

Combine astrology, numerology, tarot, and ethereal scents and you’ve got yourself a Birthdate Candle…aka the perfect gift inspired by the stars. This all-natural soy and coconut wax are hand-poured into a reusable glass and the scents are customized for every birthdate. Pair this candle with a zodiac matchbox and you’ve got yourself a perfect match!

Zodiac Framed Print

Do you have a friend in your life who acts like such a __ (insert zodiac sign here)? Gift this framed art print, illustrated by Daniella Urdinlaiz. This unique, customized print is the perfect piece of decor for a bedroom, living room, or dorm room. 

The Astrology of You And Me 

Any star-crossed lovers out there? With The Astrology of You and Me: How to Understand + Improve Every Relationship by Gary Goldschneider, sold at Urban Outfitters, learn about the zodiac signs: personal traits and temperaments, how they love others, and even how to love them. Who said Fire and Water signs can’t be soulmates? If you’re looking for more astrology book recommendations, we have a beautiful listicle just on that topic.

Personalized Star Map

Frame the alignment of the stars from a special moment (a birthday, an engagement, a wedding) with this personalized, authentic star map from Under Lucky Stars. This is the most meaningful gift and they’ll thank their lucky stars for it. 

A Little Bit of Auras 

As unique individuals, we all have unique, rainbow-colored energy around and within us. A Little Bit of Auras: An Introduction to Energy Fields is a book by Cassandra Eason, sold at Urban Outfitters, that offers extensive knowledge of auras and chakras and also offers hands-on exercises to help cleanse out any negative energy. Who wouldn’t want this on their bookshelf?

Tarot Tapestry

Any tarot lover knows that the Sun Card is one of the best cards to receive in a card reading (if facing upright). What better gift than the gift of life and knowledge with this Sun Tarot Card Tapestry? This Medieval Europe Divination tapestry is high-quality polyester and offered in various sizes for multi-use (bed cover, table cloth, or a curtain). The vibrant colors will add a bit of life to any room — that’s what the Sun card intended! 

Tarot Deck

Ok Tarot: The Simple Deck For Everyone was crafted by Adam J. Kurtz, a Brooklyn-based artist, and author. This pink, simply-illustrated deck comes with an easy-to-understand interpretation booklet for beginners. Sold at Madewell, this tarot deck is a great gift for those learning how to read tarot. 

Zodiac Trinket Dish

Who doesn’t love zodiac decor? This hexagonal, speckled ceramic dish, is personalized for every zodiac sign, with raised detailing of each constellation. Sold at Urban Outfitters, this catch-all dish is the prettiest thing for holding trinkets and jewelry. 

Star Constellation Tote Bag

This cotton tote bag is embroidered with the constellation of your sun sign. Customize the bag colors and the embroidery color to match what your heart desires. It’s a practical gift that anyone will appreciate!

If you’re shopping for an astrology lover — whether it may be a relative, a friend, or yourself — these are the best gifts to give. What’s better than a gift from the universe?