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    Dimensions — 10.7 x 8 x in

    Format — PDF, Hardcover

    Categories — Books, Visual Art

    Brand — Thought Catalog Books

    Page Count — 224

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    Luminescence is a collection created and curated by prolific photographer, Brandon Woelfel. Woelfel is known for his creative use of light, particularly casting spectrum light patterns over his subjects and shooting dynamic, conceptual compositions. Luminescence is his first photography collection published by Thought Catalog Books and followed by his second collection, Ultraviolet.

    A dreamer’s delight, Luminescence is a visual journey through the world as it should be.

    Photographs Tell A Story. This Is My Story.

    Spontaneity for me is essential when creating, so I’m never too far from my camera. No matter where I am or who I’m with, I always keep myself prepared to shoot. Some of my favorite photographs I’ve captured aren’t planned at all—they are the result of impromptu interactions during a photo session or pausing to capture special moments as they unfold on a road trip with my best friends. When the lighting is just right, I make it my mission to stop whatever I’m doing to explore and document it. In these photographs, I aim to capture my personal perspective and leave it illuminating for not only myself but for the viewers as well. My best photos tell an ambiguous story that the audience is able to interpret independently; the continued encouragement from my viewers drives my creative exploration. That’s the incredible magic of what I am fortunate enough to call “work.”

    Meet The Author

    Brandon Woelfel

    Brandon Woelfel is a freelance photographer based in New York.