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    Anisah Amat

    Anisah Amat is a writer and poet.




    About Anisah Amat

    Anisah Amat is a writer and poet. A teacher and a student. A world traveler. A meditation guide. A daughter and a sister. A wife and a mother. A friend. She was introduced to the healing powers of writing at the tender age of 6 after her grandmother died; she used writing as a tool to process her grief. Through writing, she has identified and reconciled with the beliefs and stories that have limited her and gained access to love, joy, peace, and freedom. She believes part of her purpose is to guide women to recognize the light within them and the power within their voices. Anisah received her MFA in creative writing and poetics at Naropa University in 2017. She resides in Denver with her husband and two daughters.