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Molly Burford A List Of Things Always Worth Chasing Print

Created by Molly Burford

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A List Of Things Always Worth Chasing
Joy. Awe. Purpose. That inkling you could be doing something more with your life. Kindness. Compassion. The word teasing the tip of your tongue that would perfectly describe how youre feeling. The day dancing in front of you.
Saturday night shenanigans. A better tomorrow. Play.
Platonic soulmates. Places that remind you of home. The little things and the grand things, too. Burning desire. Ideas so fucking absurd they just might work. The naked truth. The bigger picture. Dreams. Curiosity. Pride. Your healing. Your balance. Your intuition. That rush the bridge of your favorite song gives you. Dogs. Prickling anger. Drunken despair. A full-body laugh. Crushes, even if they might not work out.
Difficult but necessary lessons. Good conversation.
Humbleness. The last train out of the city. The furst cup of coffee in the morning. Budding strength. Hopeful quiet.
Depth. Lightness. The middle path. New perspectives.
Mindset shifts. Accountability. Forgiveness. Trust. The sunrise. The full moon. Your north star. The cloudless sky. 4
AM questions. 5 AM epiphanies. Faith. Yourself. Your work.
Your art. Your family, chosen or otherwise. Something to believe in. Someone to fight for. Anything that makes you feel glad to exist right here, right now.

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meet the creator

Molly Burford

Molly Burford is a writer from Detroit. Her work aims to capture the human condition in all of its forms.

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