In the past, the collection of art and the curation of framed wall art only existed offline. Through expensive auctions, blue-chip gallery sales, and high profile events, cool art prints were inaccessible to a large number of people and was therefore considered a luxury few could afford.

Luckily, the age of the internet changed that, helping emerging artists and well=respected creators to work with online retailers and bring their pieces to millions of people around the globe. Now, if you are looking for a way to add art into your home, you have thousands of retailers that stock unframed and framed wall art, high quality prints, and original pieces, that you can access from the comfort of your own home.

Framed Wall Art

While every person has a different eye for art prints, most can agree that no home is complete without unique, visually beautiful wall art. When you add art to a room, or even wall art quotes, you have the ability to tell a story while also elevating any space it compliments. A room can be brought to life with carefully chosen pieces, especially if those prints play on color, shape and texture.

However, due to the sheer volume of art that is now available online, it can be hard to track down high quality, framed wall art that is also affordable.So, to help — we’ve outlined the best cool art prints, framed wall art, and general art prints for sale online.

Our curation focuses mostly on framed wall art, but many of these options also come just as prints, which you can frame yourself.

Poetry Art Prints

Created exclusively in collaboration with some of the most inspiring contemporary poets, Thought Catalog worked to create art prints/wall art quotes that are both inspiring, and extremely well made, for those who want to add an encouraging reminder to the walls of their home. Using high quality material, and hand-drawn illustrations that were uniquely envisioned for the piece itself, Thought Catalog created a piece of art that brings beautiful words to life. Framed or unframed, these prints will not only inspire your home, but they will inspire your mind.

Sylvia Takken La Femme

Sylvia Takken is known for her graphic and playful take on color and shapes. Using different techniques, she reimagines nature and life itself to create the kind of pieces you often have to stare at for a few minutes to fully digest. With pops of bright hues, and interesting edges, Sylvia’s pieces stand out on any wall, and are perfect for anyone looking to add a graphic element to their home.

Added bonus: Artfully Walls is an art and curating service that carefully selects work from artists around the world and then matches the pieces to the size, color scheme or inspiration of a space. So, if you are having trouble visualizing how this piece will fit into a gallery, or which framing options to choose, the team at AW is always there to offer their design expertise.

Morgan Harper Nichols breathe, Art Print

Morgan Harper Nichols is a writer, and graphic artist, who structures her work around the people she meets and the stories they share with her. Merging very human emotions and experience with soft, neutral tones in each and every one of her paintings, Morgan has managed to inspire hundreds of thousands of human beings around the world with her creations. Through Society6, you can grab beautifully framed wall art from her collection, including this “breathe.” print that would act as an encouraging little reminder every time you walked into your space.

Hotel Magique Art Print

Graphic designer Milou Neelen discovered a unique piece of Japanese golden momi paper on a trip to the US, and it was in that moment that the vision for Hotel Magique was born. Hotel Magique is a paper goods brand that focuses on framed wall art, greeting cards, etc. We love these prints because they are high quality, beautifully framed, and inspiring in a deeply cinematic way. The use of color, space and texture make us feel like we are swaying through Paris, and adding that element to any wall can transform the way a certain room in your home makes you feel. Why not bring Europe to you if you can’t be there all the time?


We love Mapiful because they create visually beautiful, high-quality framed wall art, that tells your story for you. When you start the process of creating your piece, you first enter in the coordinates of a physical place that has impacted you. Whether you choose a  place like Hawaii, or input an even more specific coordinate, Mapiful will bring up, and help you to design based on different templates, a stunning map that speaks to your memories. By adding this kind of visual to your space, you add a bit of nostalgia into your everyday life, and you will constantly be reminded of a moment in time where you felt truly alive.

Subliming Desert Art Print

Subliming has an incredible way of taking the most simplistic reminders, and designing them graphically in a way that deeply inspires us. Through bright colors, interesting visual planes, and the kind of typography that will make your walls look like a Pinterest board, the studio has managed to illustrate human emotions in a playfully visual way. Available through Society6, each piece of art can be framed to fit your needs, so you can add a pop of color and an encouraging message to any room in your space through an easy, and affordable, platform.

Travis Schneider Moment 18

If you love photography, and want to add a unique touch to any wall in your home, Travis Schneider’s “Moments” series is an incredible way to do so. Source through Tappan, a curating service that helps for young collectors to purchase original or limited edition printed artwork from emerging artists, Schneiders polaroids are finally being shown to the public after years of being kept for personal use. Plus, the idea behind the polaroids is the main reason why we would want them framed in our space. Schneider says, “I shoot Polaroids because they’re unpredictable. I never know what they’re actually going to look like. In our digital age with too much control and ease, losing control and being surprised by the result of an artistic and chemical process feels like Christmas morning to me.”

Fran Rodriguez Holy Night Art Print

We love Urban Outfitters Home prints because they are well reviewed, high quality prints that are affordable and easily accessible. Because of this, young collectors and anyone looking to add a beautiful piece of framed wall art to their space can feel good knowing that they are going to get a product that is both visually stunning, and well made. This Fran Rodriguez print is a limited edition option, exclusively created for UO, and inspired by psychedelics and surrealism — so you know there is an incredible story behind the work. Add it to a gallery wall, or hang it above your bed on it’s own, to create a trippy, mesmerizing addition to your space.

What are some of your favorite places to buy framed wall art, poem prints, and art prints? Email our curators at to share your suggestion.