Here’s the the lowdown on cute backpacks for girls and guys.

A few years ago the only people wearing backpacks were students or those who were taking a long haul trip. Backpacks in the past were very practical, quite bulky, and often were not the first accessory people chose to wear every single day if they did not have to. There was a point in time where wearing a backpack outside of school was considered “uncool” and fashion favored designer purses or tote bags over their unstylish competition.

A cute backpack for school or work

However, fast forward to the 2020s and backpacks are having a sort of renaissance. With mini designer backpacks being toted by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, and unique, bright bags being used as main accessories in popular social photography, the backpack has seen a spike in popularity, and it has been reimagined by so many brands.

Prada found a lot of success with their one shouldered nylon backpack due to the supermodel seal of approval. Gucci’s Marmont matelassé backpack is a staple at every fashion week to date. Herschel and Poler reimagined what it meant to create a design oriented, yet practical, travel backpack, while Fjallraven took on a cuter approach to the everyday, commuter backpack that we are so often seeing splashed across Instagram.

Now, you can’t open your social media, or walk down the street, without seeing someone wearing a backpack — but we can’t say that we’re surprised. We live in an age where we are always on the go, and regular sized purses or briefcases either don’t hold all of the things we may need in a day, or they are too misshapen to fill with our essentials. A backpack is now not only fashionable and cute, but it can bring you from your morning commute, to your workday, to the gym, to a dinner date, and so on. It has you covered.

If you’re in the market for a hands-free accessory, we created a list of cute backpacks below to help you with your search.

The Creator Backpack

The creator backpack is a perfect cute backpack for school, college, or work

The Creator Backpack is the best and cutest backpack for a luxury, yet practical, pick. It has the perfect balance of fashion and function; it has a simple color with a simple design and enough pockets and space that makes for an easy, comfortable commute. If you want to be fashionable but still want to carry everything you were planning on bringing to work, college, or high school, this is the bag for you.

Not only does this backpack fit a laptop and its charger, but it can hold notebooks, a travel mug, and even a small makeup bag or pencil case. With the magnetic pocket in the front, it’s easy to throw something in there and get it out without having to remove the backpack from your shoulders completely. With the pocket in the back, it’s the perfect place to put things you wanted to keep safe and close to you.

We also love this backpack because it isn’t too fancy or too flashy, which is what we really admire about those designer versions. It’s a classic black color, vegan leather, and it’s only branding is a small logo on the front. The straps are large enough to fit your shoulders and are comfortable enough so you don’t have to readjust them constantly.

The great thing about this cute backpack? It doesn’t cost two thousand dollars like those designer ones do — because if we’re being completely honest, if we’re choosing to spend that amount of money on an accessory, we’re definitely hoping that it at least fits our laptop or tablet.

JanSport Mini Backpack

The JanSport backpack has been around for years and has continuously been shown in a positive light. It’s a classic bag, it’s an affordable bag, it’s a durable bag, and that’s why it’s so popular.

The Half Pint Mini Backpack is an updated option from the original JanSport. It is small but mighty, and is easy to carry around wherever you go. The straps are made of a comfortable and durable fabric, just like the regular backpack, but since the bag is smaller, it’s not as heavy on your shoulders. It’s a versatile luxury, to have a smaller bag that can still hold all the contents you need for everyday life.

Even though the design style has changed slightly, the option to have it be a color of your choosing is still accessible. There are so many colors and prints to choose from and that fit your personality best. This allows you to follow your own style, and a your own personal touch to your wardrobe!

The H Backpack

cute travel backpacks
The H bag is made with a durable wax

Though the waxed backpack from H was specially created for those in the creatives industries who are constantly carrying around their kits and their gear, this backpack is still functional for those in everyday life.

Not only is the design cute and simple, with its gray color and off-white accents and a simple zipper pocket in the front, but it’s incredibly functional, too. The fabric of this bag is water resistant, so on those rainy commutes or adventures, the contents of your bag will remain safe and dry, because nobody likes water damage to their expensive laptops or cameras.

The H backpack is a cute travel backpack

If you need a bag that will fare well in school or on longer adventures, while still wanting to find something just as cute as the mini versions popping up everywhere, this bag is the perfect fit for you. It’s spacious enough that it’ll leave you thinking, “what else can I fit in here?!” without ever having to make you compromise your style.

The Fjallraven KANKEN

As one of the most popular accessories on the market, you most definitely have seen a version of the iconic Fjällräven backpack splashed across social media and advertising campaigns in the last few months. The KÅNKEN 16-litre backpack is an iconic option from the brand, which has stood over time as a comfortable, durable, functional pack due to the innovation that has gone into its creation.

This backpack is a muse for so many creators, being showcased in nature and fashion photography all across Instagram, and it’s easy to understand why. With a lightweight, uniquely structured exterior, and an interior that is filled with pockets and compartments for all of your everyday needs, this backpack is a no brainer for any kind of person hoping to do every kind of activity. Whether you’re choosing this backpack for school, for commuting, or to make a fashion statement, the KANKEN will be an incredible addition to your daily routine.

What are your favorite cute backpacks for school, daily life, or work? Email us at with your favorite picks.