Journaling has recently come to the forefront of many self-care and mental health initiatives as a means of becoming more mindful in our busy lives. Not only does it help those who participate in it to reach their goals and improve their quality of life, but it has also been scientifically proven to positively impact your mind. Studies have shown that when you journal you primarily use the left side of your brain, which plays upon your rationality and your analytical nature. While this side of your brain is occupied, your right side is given the opportunity to relax, and therefore flourish creatively. This is why journaling (particularly guided journals) has been known to reduce stress, boost your mood, and enhance your feelings of well being.

While more and more benefits of journal writing are being discovered every day, it is a difficult habit to start. Sitting down and knowing what to write can be hard for a lot of people — especially for those who have active minds. Even creatives who sit down and will themselves to write find it hard because they are putting too much pressure on their art. Therefore, instead of sitting down with a book of blank pages, if you are looking to get into journal writing, you should start with a guided journal.

A guided journal is a collection of prompts, exercises, and activities that help for you to dive deeper into your feelings, your goals, and your ideas. The journals are filled with thoughtful and inspiring passages that motivate the reader to write or draw or do something specifically related to the concepts on the page. Most people who have completed a guided journal have spoken to the fact that, due to those prompts, they were so easy to use. This ease of use takes the stress out of knowing how to approach your mindfulness, and instead encourages the creative and playful aspect of a human being all while helping them to work towards starting a sustainable habit.

Brianna Wiest Guided Journal

I Am The Hero Of My Own Life

With guided activities like “Outline exactly the type of partner you always dreamed of marrying, then strategizing how you’re going to embody those traits yourself.” and “Trace your judgments of other people back to your own personal insecurities.” Brianna Wiest has managed to create a journal that helps those moving through it to sort through the conflicting thoughts, feelings, and fears that are preventing them from becoming the person they have always wanted and needed to be. This journal is rational and inspiring, and is therefore perfect for anyone trying to understand who they are on a deep, yet measurable, level. You can buy I Am The Hero Of My Own Life here.

A Catalog of Thoughts

This hardcover journal is a blend of blank pages and inspirational quotes to spark your creativity and discovery pathway. Printed in Berlin, Germany this limited edition book has a beautiful black linen cover with a light blue ribbon bookmark, making it both a useful guided journal and a beautiful coffee-table like book.

The 5 Minute Journal

The 5 Minute Journal is not only a viral sensation beloved by thousands of human beings, but it is also an incredible journal that helps for those working through it’s pages to create sustainable habits. Because it only takes five minutes a day, and prompts you to think through affirmations, gratitude exercises, and so on, many who have purchased the book have said that it creates positive, measurable, changes in the lives of those who finish it. Plus, the added daily quotes are also a nice touch for anyone who is looking to add a little bit of wisdom to their mornings.

Guided Journal Practice

Practice You

Elena Brower created one of the best guided journals out there, it is heavily inspired by all of the lessons, and all of the reflections, she experienced throughout her career as a yoga and meditation teacher. Needless to say, she absolutely inspires us through watercolor artwork, and the kind of writing prompts that encourage self discovery as you move through the pages. Brower encourages readers to write a letter to their younger self, for example, making this the kind of journal every person should pick up if they are seeking out the kind of guide that is both creative and awakening at the same time.

The Wild Unknown Journal

The Wild Unknown Journal

We love this Kim Krans journal because it’s pages are just as stunning as it’s content. Through visually beautiful illustrations, and the kind of prompts that encourage creative practice on your own terms, this journal has the ability to help you connect with yourself as an artist. Whether you do that through writing, dancing, singing, etc — the Wild Unknown journal is meant to motivate you in all aspects of your journey.

The Steal Like an Artist Journal

Austin Kleon created a journal that merges extremely high quality, with equally as honest advice to any creative looking to add journaling into their daily practice. This journal is for anyone who is on an artistic journey, boasting unique lists like “Ten Things I Want To Learn” and “Ten Things I Probably Think About More Than The Average Person”, challenges, illustrated exercises, pros and cons lists, etc. It will help even the most creatively blocked person think differently, and therefore tap into new ideas and new ways of approaching their art.

Good Days Start With Gratitude

With this 52-week guided journal, you can cultivate the practice of having an attitude of gratitude. If you’re familiar with the law of attraction then this gratitude journal is for you. Make it a daily habit to write in this every morning and remember: thoughts become things!

Do One Thing Everyday That Makes You Mindful

Life can get pretty overwhelming and ugly sometimes, and it’s important to make note of the good days and the things that make you happy. This mindfulness journal is a great way for you to practice gratitude and seek joy in everyday life–and the bright yellow and peach colors are just a plus.

Get Your Sh*t Together Journal

We all need a little help in organizing our thoughts when it comes to creating plans, to-do lists, ideas, goals, and more. This practical journal was created to help you figure out what you want, how to get it, and where to start. With lighthearted advice and funny graphics, this guided journal will help you get your sh*t together…but in a fun way.

Start Where You Are

If you’re an artist, no matter what your medium is, you know that creative blocks are one of the biggest challenges one has to overcome. If you’re feeling stuck, this guided journal and its colorful prompts and exercises just might be able to spark creativity and motivate you to create your art.

Thanks for reading! Email us if you have any questions or recommendations about the best guided journals that are out there.