When you hear the word “scrunchie”, you probably have some nostalgic associations that come along with it. One of the most popular hair trends in the 80’s and 90’s, the scrunchie has been one of the most versatile and easily recognizable hair pieces in the fashion industry. Though it’s popularity plummeted for a bit in the 2000’s (think Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City declaring her horror at seeing someone wearing a scrunchie anywhere but outside their own home) the trend has steadily been making it’s comeback once again- and it’s easy to see why!

Besides the fun factor that scrunchies naturally exude, there are quite a few benefits to making the switch from your boring elastic hair-ties. Scrunchies are much more comfortable and easier on your hair- no worries about those strands of hair wrapping around the metal piece and ripping out when you finally take your hair down. They’re also ideal for those nights you want to put up your wet hair before you sleep, without worrying about that extreme hair kink that tends to result from those ponytail holders and ruin that wavy look you’re trying to achieve.

As an added bonus, scrunchies are much harder to misplace than ponytail holders (you’ve probably lost count by now of how many black hair ties have magically “disappeared” from your counter). Plus, scrunchies come in so many different styles and colors that finding one to go with any outfit is a breeze!

Below, we’ve collected cute scrunchies that will fit any style, hair type, or hair goal you’re trying to achieve from some of the best brands on the market!

Here are all our favorite cute scrunchies.

Kitsch Hair Drying Scrunchie

We already know that scrunchies tend to benefit your hair by allowing it to breathe and not ripping strands out once you remove it, but these scrunchies take hair care to the next level by helping to actually dry your hair while limiting (or even eliminating) the use of damaging heat products! They’re made of microfiber and help to absorb water after you’ve stepped out of the shower, so throwing your hair up in a bun and going to sleep won’t leave you dealing with a soaking wet pillow or damp hair sticking to your face- and lets you achieve that wavy/curly style when you wake up!

Donni Silk Chiquita

This insanely trendy scrunchie has been flying off the shelves since its initial release in March. The silk fabric and delicate pink polka dots give it that classy and elegant vibe that can be dressed up or down. Plus that added bow let’s you be a little more playful when you’re out and about, or can be flipped below if you’re wanting to be a little more subtle with your style.

Eugenia Kim Patent Scrunchie

Maybe you might still be leaning towards the idea that scrunchies are a little too immature or kiddish, or your style is a little more on the edgy side- take a look at this leather scrunchie from Eugenia Kim! No need to choose between making a statement and feeling comfortable- plus, we all know black never goes out of style.

Soel Boutique Snakeskin Scrunchie

Animal print is always a fashion favorite and snakeskin prints truly stand out in the crowd! While traditional snakeskin colors might be a little harder to accessorize with, this scrunchie comes in a lighter pink shade, which is much more versatile and will help to amp up your outfit without going over the top. Plus, the added bow gives it that perfect delicate touch to really bring your outfit together!

SlipSilk Sleep Scrunchie

If you’re familiar with the SleepSilk pillow case then you’ll already be drawn to these gorgeous scrunchies! While normal hair ties tend to leave kinks in your hair after extended use, as well as cause a great deal of hair damage due to strands being ripped out and broken, these pieces let you keep your hair healthy and out of your face without worrying about the hassle other hair ties cause. Plus, the silky feel of these scrunchies gives you that feeling of luxury without breaking the bank in the process.

ASOS Teddy Scrunchie

When it comes to style, we sometimes tend to forsake comfort or coziness in order to achieve something trendy- but with this scrunchie from ASOS, you can have the best of both worlds! These pieces are incredibly soft and cozy, but will still get the job done with keeping your hair pulled back and out of the way- plus the reminder they give of a teddy bear from you childhood really adds on to the nostalgia that scrunchies tend to bring in the first place!

Free People Pleated Scarf Scrunchie

If you’re wanting to add a little more of a feminine touch to your hairstyle, then look no further than this pleated scrunchie also from Free People! It comes in 5 different perfectly suited colors and adds the perfect amount of flair to your hair- the cascading pleated details really let you draw attention to your locks without going too over the top.

Chloven Satin Scrunchies

If you’re already a scrunchie fanatic, or tend to be the kind of person who enjoys having a lot of options to choose from, these pieces from Chloven will be right up your alley! One of the fun benefits of scrunchies is the wide array of colors and styles they come in, and with this set containing options ranging from neutrals to pastels to more attention grabbing hues you’ll never have to stress about finding the perfect shade again! Plus, the price is incredibly affordable!

The Wylde Cotton Scrunchie

For those of us who have hair on the longer and/or thicker side and are certain you can’t find a scrunchie to work for you, then good news! This gorgeous white hairpiece from The Wylde is much bigger than majority of the other options you’ll come across, which makes it perfect to fit in all of your hair, regardless of length or consistency! As an added bonus, The Wylde is known for being an eco-conscious company, and this particular piece is made from 100% natural Indian cotton, so you can feel confident towards the type of company your money is going to.

Mama & Me Chelsea King Scrunchies

It can certainly be fun to pick out the scrunchie you’re going to wear for the day, but if you have a little one why not let them in on the fun as well? With this matching pair you can let your child match you when you’re going out for the day. This set includes one larger scrunchie for you and a petite size for your “mini me” and comes in a variety of neutral shades so you can easily find one to match essentially any outfits you might choose!

Do you have any cute scrunchies to recommend to us? Feel free to email us at hello@shopcatalog.com with your favorite scrunchies and we’ll add the best ones to our list on this post.