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The best cute hoodies can make a decent outfit look spectacular! But how much do you know about this fashion choice? Hoodies were created in the 1930s but not really an apparel type that became popular until the 1970s (thanks mostly to feature film Rocky). Hoodies then became really popular in the 1990s, thanks to the fashion brand Champion as well as the mainstream rise of hip-hop culture.

Today, hoodies are a classic fashion staple for girls and guys. They vary in different styles and colors — from zip-up hoodies like the one Mark Zuckerberg loves so much, to cute hoodies for women and models, to crop top hoodies and pullover ones. There are even super expensive hoodies that can cost over $1000 each that high-fashion people like to dazzle.

The hoodie is often a perfect clothing item because it can help conceal yourself in a mush of plush softness. It’s a fashion staple for when you’re tired and want to hide yourself, or hope people will get the signal that when your hood is on, you don’t want to be talked to. The hoodie is also a great piece to add a bit of mystery to your fashion, as they can conceal your head.

Additionally, though, a comfortable hoodie is perfect for a variety of occasions. It can keep you warm on a winter day, or be a perfect accessory for a summer night spent on the beach. A hoodie can just make an outfit become something and gives you a soft space to exist.

Where to buy an oversized hoodie, cropped hoodie, or oversized pullover?

Some of the best hoodies come from hallmark hoodie makers like Nike, Gildan, Adidas, Champion, and Supreme. You can also of course find cheap hoodies on Amazon or at Target that are pretty fashionable. In this list, we’ve collected what we think are the best hoodies from these brands and others for all price ranges. Most of these are hoodies for women, but many also work for men and are unisex. Let’s get into it.

Color Block Hoodie

The best pullover hoodie: Colorblock Hoodie Sweatshirt

Urban Outfitters has a large collection of hoodies and pullovers but this one takes the cake for being the absolute coolest. If you’re looking for something bolder or more creative, this colorblocked sweatshirt is for you. It’s got long sleeves that are easy to roll up and a small kangaroo pocket to store your phone or your keys or a couple candy bars. (Who else shoves food in their hoodie pockets to store for later? Just us? Okay.)

The coziest hoodie: Stay Soft Hoodie

One of the best things about a hoodie is that putting one often feels like wrapping yourself in a big cotton cocoon of perfect fabric softness. That’s why we love this vintage wash and super comfortable unisex hoodie made in Nashville, Tennessee. This comfy hoodie also celebrates its wonderful hoodie-nature with a custom embroidery of the words “stay soft” on the left chest of the hoodie. We love that phrase on there because it communicates the softness of the apparel but also celebrates and encourages people to be soft and nice to other people. Find the hoodie in various sizes here.

Art Print Vintage Hoodie

The most fashionable hoodie: Vintage Art/Poetry Hoodie

A vintage hoodie for the art or poetry lover, this hoodie has a fashionable cut and a beautiful pink dye. Buy this one for your artsy friend or for yourself. This one is sold by ASOS and also has a great vintage feel to it.

The most iconic hoodie: Cut Off Sports Hoodie

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, Champion is one of the most iconic brands and manufactures of hoodies. This cut off sports hoodie in soft lavender is our favorite pick for woman looking to buy a hoodie from Champion. You’ll also see this hoodie often on Tumblr, Tik Tok and Instagram as the slim cut makes it a classical and forever trendy fashion statement.

frenchterry hoodie from everlane

The most affordable hoodie: French Terry Shrunken Hoodie 

The lightweight french shrunken hoodie is cheap on price point but extremely high-quality and ethically made. It also has a great design with drawstring at the top and a nicely sized kangaroo pocket in the front. This is a super cute hoody to wear high-wasted jeans and a nice general item to have in your closest. Plus it’s from the hyper-millennial clothing brand Everlane.

The most showstopping hoodie: Bright Neon Hooded Sweatshirts

Want to make a statement and look like some kind of crazy bright electrical signal? This neon hoodie from Amazon is perfect! It’s soft, colorful (maybe too colorful?) and best if ordered in a larger size for that oversized hoodie look that is so trendy. Rock a neon hoodie in whatever color fits you best — pink, orange, green, or yellow — and live on the brighter side of life.

The warmest hoodie: Hooded Puffer Jacket

Is it a jacket? Or is it a hoodie? This is a nice hybrid jacket/hoodie perfect for staying warm while looking cute as Cher from Clueless might say. Totally. Maybe everyone might not get where this coat/hoodie hybrid nods to in pop culture, but the people that get it will really enjoy it and it looks cute regardless.

stripe hoodie

The best full-zip hoodie: 5-Stripe Zip Hoodie

This fashionable zip hoodie from aviator nation is on the expensive side, however, it is hand sewn in Los Angeles. The rainbow embroidery on the top of the zip-up hoodie is a beautiful feature, and the wash is soft and vintage-like.

The hoodie celebs are wearing: Reworked Vintage Cropped Hoodie

Thrasher started out as an alternative magazine for skateboarders and punks, but it has become a global fashion empire in recent years because of all the celebrities pumping up the brand on their Instagram feed. So this hoodie just to sheer popularity makes our best of list. These item often sell out so if you can’t find one consider searching eBay for Thrasher hoodies.

The most basic hoodie: Black Zip-Up Hoodie

This is a classic black hoodie from Target, super minimal but also super functional. If you’re just looking for a light cover up and nothing too overwhelming, this semi-cropped hoodie is the best thing for you. Why is so hard to find a classic black hoodie without the extras? Target, however, has everything you need…including this hoodie.

The most original hoodie: Reebok Half-Zip Hoodie 

Reebok teamed up with Gigi Hadid to create this stylish half-zip hoodie (sold from PacSun) and honestly it’s hard to not be obsessed it. Why? It’s a cool orange, white, and blue. It’s half-zip and still has a kangaroo pocket. The best part, however, has to be the fabric. It’s almost like a wind-breaker, but a lot less like a tacky windbreaker jacket you’d find in your aunt’s closet. It’s function and fashion in a jacket. This hoodie is also hard to find now at PacSun and other retailers, so we recommend an eBay search or Poshmark search.

Cute Hoodies ears

The most versatile hoodie: Hooded Bath Robe (With Ears)

This hoodie is super soft and super cute and made by Asos. Just look at those cute ears on this thing! Just the cutest thing ever. Asos always has a large selection of fashionable hoodies from a variety of amazing brands, that are worth checking out, click here for their 500+ hoodies just girls and women.

The most classic hoodie: Trapeze Hoodie Sweatshirt

This light-weight and oversized hoodie is a reinvention of the classic hoodie. It has the normal pullover design with a longline of ribbed cuffs. We love this oversized pullover as something to wear with your bathing suit, a cute dress, or jeans. If Urban Outfitters is sold out of this style of hoodie then check out what Free People has, which is owned by Urban, and normally has similar styles in stock.

The most balanced hoodie: Hoodie Dress

Lazy Oaf is huge brand within youth culture and made their mark with Instagram ads that people really dig. It’s a perfect balance of the zaniness of the internet culture with accessibility, something you can actually wear. This oversized sweater dress in blue cotton makes a huge statement, add the cool lazy graphic to it gives it an a cool texture.

oversized hoodie from H&M

The best hoodie to wear with sweats: Oversized Hoodie

If you love the oversized hoodie look and want to be the comfiest, cutest person around, this oversized hoodie from H&M is for you. What’s so special about this sweatshirt, though? It’s made up of Viscose, Polyester and Elastane which means it’s super, super soft and comfier than most sweatshirts. It also doesn’t have any pockets, which is different than the normal, but that just means it’s easier to layer under other jackets with or if you need a light cover up during warmer months.

The most athletic hoodie: Nike Sportswear Rally

Of all the cute Nike hoodies, this is our pick of the cutest hoodie from the iconic Nike brand. It’s offered in various colors (black, gray, pink, and yellow) and it’s the perfect length (not too cropped, not too long). It’s made up of a softer fleece, which is a great layer for winter or for a nice cover during cold nights in Spring. This is the perfect hoodie for if you want to be comfy and trendy at the same time and honestly, who doesn’t love that? Check out all the Nike hoodies here.

The most high-quality hoodie: Gildan Hooded Sweatshirt

Looking for cute hoodies for cheap? Then this collection of Gildan hoodies from Amazon is your best bet. It’s a cheap hoodie but also from a high-quality clothing brand that has been around for a long time. It would probably be really hard to decide on a color because there are so many to choose from (white, cherry red, violet, kiwi, orange, tan and so. many. more). Order a size bigger than what you normally would wear if you want to be super warm and comfy and cozy. Also just because this is the most basic hoodie you can buy out there, don’t think it can’t be fashionable; it’s all about how you approach it and how you mix it with other clothing items.

The most creative hoodie: Band Hoodie

Express your musical and style taste with a band hoodie, like the one pictured here from retailer Hot Topic showcasing the band Queen and the epic world of singer/songwriter Freddie Mercury. Search for your favorite band and buy their respective hoodie. Retailer Hot Topic also has hundreds of personality-rich hoodies for you to buy from hoodies that make you look like a pickachu to ones with funny sayings on them.

sleep hoodie for cold people

The best hoodie to wear around the house: Long Sleeve Hoodie Sleepwear

Okay, we know this long hoodie looks a bit cultish or crazy, still it looks so warm and cozy! Are you someone that is constantly cold no matter what? Like always always cold. Then make warmth a priority by adding this zany hoodie to your closest. It’s not exactly cute but it is cozy and that counts for something. This hoodie will cover your whole body and while it might not make you super stylish, it will keep you warm. In any case, this is our ultiamte clothing pick for people that are always cold.

The hoodie you can wear with anything: Terry Jacket Hoodie

This is a cute zip up hoodie from Forever 21, offered in colors tangerine, light blue, and light pink. It’s a semi-cropped jacket, so it’s the perfect pairing with high waisted pants (jeans, bike shorts, leggings, or sweatpants). Or, if you’re really feeling yourself and you want to rock a sweat suit that has more of a millennial attitude, you can get the matching bottoms, too! How great is it to have that option?!

The trendiest hoodie: UNIF Hoodie

Looking for an Instagram influencer hoodie? The Unif brand is beloved by social media stars and traditional celebrities alike, and you’ve certainly seen their clothes pop up in your IG feed. The hoodie here nods nostalgically to the TV show Friends with a colorfully embroidered word “FEELINGS” on it. They have an amazing collection of other cool hoodies though that is worth a gander for sure.

The most laidback hoodie: Relaxed Hooded Sweatshirt

A cute oversized hoodie at an affordable price, this relaxed hoodie comes at a great price and is both fashionable and functional. The slouched drawstring hood and dropped shoulders on this hoodie give it that chill but still cool hoodie look.

The most artistic hoodie: Hoodie With Back Print

The streetwear brand Crooked Tongues designed this cool and cute graphic hoodie. Crooked Tongues work is inspired by popular culture and the skate scene, and this hoodie perfectly nods to to pop culture and the skate world.

The best hoodie for yoga class: Yoga Hoodies

If you’re a yogi, and love the fashion associated with the yoga lifestyle then you’ve probably heard of the brand Alo. This company is much more than just a fashion brand as they also have yoga classes at their stores and an awesome app for doing yoga at your home. All that said they still make some great clothes and have an incredible selection of hoodies for that after gym or athleisure look.

The best budget hoodie: Cheap Hoodies from a Cool Brand

Online retailer Shein has over 1000+ hoodies for women at affordable prices. On sale they can go for under $10.00. If you’re on a tight budget, you can’t go wrong browsing their vast collection of female hoodies here.

The most hilarious hoodie: Retro 90’s Blockbuster Hoodie

If you remember the days before Netflix or if you consider yourself a ’90s baby, you need this retro-styled Blockbuster hoodie from Etsy. Although it’s available in different colors to match your style preference, the yellow color is classic. With this hoodie, you’ll be comfy and stylish, rocking a thing of the past.

The most lightweight hoodie: Brooklyn, NYC Hoodie

Calling all Brooklyn babies! Not only is this hoodie style classic, simple, and stylish, but also the fabric is comfortable and lightweight. This black one-size-fits-all hoodie is super trendy and it’s a must need for your wardrobe.

The most retro hoodie: Retro Car Hoodie

If you like the look of vintage-looking hoodies (or hoodies that are actually vintage), then this retro electric motors ’72 hoodie is for you. This oversized hoodie is one-size-fits-all and it has the classic kangaroo pocket too!

The hottest hoodie: Pullover Hoodie

The famous lingerie brand Victoria Secret also has a great selection of hoodies for women. We love hoodies from Victoria Secret and their sister brand PINK to wear with leggings, particularly the pullover hoodies.