All The Love You Carry


Through the power of words composed in three parts, this collection of poetry and prose encourages us to honor love when it’s found, grow from the pain when it’s lost, and solidify self-love and resilience with the love already contained within our souls. 

All The Love You Carry is a reminder of the interconnectedness of everything in our Universe through the wonder that is love. This book recognizes that love may just be the most powerful force our existence can ever experience and the most profound work of art we can ever create for others and ourselves. This book is for the souls yearning to assign love its truest definition. This book is for the hearts willing to journey within themselves to find healing.

Download free PDF of All The Love You Carry, PDF preview courtesy of Thought Catalog Books.

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Meet the author

Charis Ed is by profession an Oncology RN, by nature a writer and poet.


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