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The Unlimited Power Within You

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Dimensions — 5 x 8

Format — Paperback, PDF

Brand — Thought Catalog Books

Page Count — 304

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You are your own guardian angel.

What if everything you desire, hope for, or pray for already resides within you, waiting to be acknowledged and embraced? Imagine a life where you tap into the unlimited power within, transcending limiting patterns, behaviors, and beliefs, and fully realize the boundless wisdom, strength, and freedom that already pulsate within your soul.

Through raw reflections and visceral insights, Karin shares her path to healing and enlightenment following a battle with Endometriosis and a series of health struggles. As she grapples with doubt, defeat, and the questioning of God’s plan, she unearths a deeper understanding of faith, love, and resilience. Each page serves as a testament to the power of beauty, spirituality, and personal growth in overcoming life’s trials and how, within the waiting period between asking and receiving prayers, lies the alchemy of transformation.

With each word, readers are invited to embrace their own journey of self-realization, recognizing the Holy force within and rising to their full potential. The Unlimited Power Within You is not just a book; it is a vessel to awaken the inherent strength and grace within every soul. For those who seek solace, guidance, and empowerment, this book offers a beacon of hope and a roadmap to spiritual fulfillment.


Karin Hadadan

Karin is an author and founder of a lifestyle brand that promotes living in the present moment.


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