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Evergreen is a tribute to the enduring resilience of human nature as we cycle through times of light and darkness, much like nature itself.

In her debut book, Kirsten Robinson (@NakedWriting) lays her heart bare in a raw, relatable and inspirational way to describe the journey of growth born out of finding beauty in breakage and love after loss. This artfully honest collection embodies and expands upon the poetry and prose Robinson began writing under the popular social media pseudonym Naked Writing.

You Will Persevere

This book is a reminder that no matter what unexpected challenges you encounter, what difficulties you face; no matter how lost, confused, broken or afraid you feel—you will persevere. There is hope waiting for you around the corner. I wrote this because at different points in my life, I did not believe in my own ability to persevere, and I felt the opposite of strong. But what I learned along the way was that when life is handing you setbacks that make you feel like you’re stuck in the depths of winter, it really is preparing you to find your endless summer. I wrote this for you. You are stronger than you could have ever imagined. Your heart is a garden, and within it blooms strength.

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Kirsten Robinson

Kirsten Robinson began writing fearlessly baring her heart in a raw, relatable and inspirational way under the pseudonym Naked Writing.

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