Amazon has everything so sometimes finding the best gifts on Amazon can be tricky. Amazon literally has everything on it, so how do you decide what to gift someone on Amazon that will truly make them smile? Whether it be a gift for your mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, girlfriend or boyfriend, some item below will make the perfect gift.

Whether you’re shopping for a friend who loves animals or a friend who loves arcade games, you can find something perfect on Amazon. In order to narrow down your choices, here are a few of the best gifts on Amazon your friends are going to adore.

The Best Gifts on Amazon

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Imagine an alarm clock that simulates the natural sunrise. That’s exactly what this Phillips wake-up light alarm clock does, helping you transition more elegantly from your deep slumber and into the bright energy of the morning. This is a great gift from Amazon for a person that loves to live a healthy and efficient lifestyle.

Bottomless Bath Overflow Drain Cover

Give the gift of enhancing the home spa with the SlipX solutions bottomless bath overflow drain cover. This is a super affordable gift that will make anyone who loves taking baths enjoy their bath all that much more by adding a little bit extra water to their tub for pure bathing joy.

Scalp Massager Brush

This scalp massager brush might just look like a cheap piece of plastic, but the reality is this little brush will give you infinite amounts of pleasure as you wash your hair. Just take a look at all the reviews on Amazon to prove the point. It’s a small gift; however, it’s also a great gift for anyone as it’s a super practical addition for virtually anyone’s bathroom.

Stones and Crystals

Are you looking for gifts on Amazon for your new age friend? Then seller Gypsy Palace has you covered. Gypsy Palace sells hundreds of different stones, minerals and crystals, and at all at a variety of different prices. For example, you can buy the tiger eye mineral for under $2.00 or an expensive set like GPO Himalayan Glow stone for a lot more. But, as far as our tastes goes, this heart-shaped quartz is our favorite gift within this store.

Library Kit 

This one is for the bookworms. If your friend always has a book in their hand, and always gives out author recommendations this kit will come in handy. It can help them keep track of the books they’ve lent out. That way, when they realize a book is missing from their personal library and want it back, they will know how to track it down.

Mekabre Loa Voodoo Doll

This is a gag gift but definitely a funny gift for any friend or family member. Yep, a Voodoo Doll. While this doll is kind of cute, the spells it can cast on your worst enemies are anything but cute. I mean, if you believe in that kind of stuff…

Locking Index Card File with Flip Top Holds

Give the gift of organization with this best-selling file cabinet. This product comes with a key and is a great compact place to store valuables, particularly intellectual ones. This product can hold and protect 450 4×6 index cards. It’s a great gift for a college student or anyone that likes to keep things in a small, organized space.

A Pop Socket

Pop Sockets are a lifesaver when it comes to FaceTiming, texting, snapping selfies, and taking group photos. They tilt, wrap, pop, collapse, and grip in order to make scrolling through social media easier than ever. Not to mention, they’re a way to make your phone look extra cute! They come in all types of different designs, so have fun browsing them all.

Reusable Straws

If you want to gift your eco-friendly loved one something they’ll actually use, it’s this. These straws from YIHONG come in a pack of 8 (4 straight and 4 bent [and even with 2 brushes to clean with]), come in different colors, like silver, gold, rainbow, black, and even rose gold, and are specifically for thin drinks like water, tea, or coffee. Let’s be real here, no one loves a plastic straw user and reusable straws are so much cooler.

Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being A Creative

Living in the digital age can be hard when you’re a creative. There’s so much going on and there’s so many distractions. If you or someone you know might be feeling stuck or discouraged, this inspirational guide is the perfect gift to inspire and spark something in the imagination. With 10 things to follow and focus on, it inspires readers to get back into their creative side and discover what it means to be daring and to go wild.

Polaroid Snap Touch Camera

This is a perfect gift for your friend or family memory that is always taking pictures and looking for new ways to cherish life. This is one of the best polaroid cameras on the market because of the quality of the instant print and the awesome touch screen. It also looks really stylish with the classic Polaroid branding. Gift the gift of photography with this gift.

Dryer Balls

Doing laundry can be such a hassle sometimes, but these wool dryer balls make it easier. As natural fabric softener, they also keep your clothes wrinkle-free and static-free. These little balls of fabric replace dryer sheets (and whatever toxins might be in them!) and cut back on drying time (and electricity). I’m not saying this is magic…but I mean…c’mon.

Weighted Blanket

If you crave closeness at night (or maybe at any point of the day) and just want to feel protected while you sleep, this is the perfect gift. The blankets are made of breathable fabrics with a silky touch and vary in weight size (5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs), depending on how intense you want it to feel on your body. Weighted blankets are like hugs that never end, so if you want that feeling – this is for you.

Hydro Flask

This is for the campers and the hikers and anyone who considers themselves to be environmentally conscious. Reusable water bottles have been around for quite some time, but the Hydro Flask has changed the game. It’s well-insulated, easy to grip, plastic-free, and offers options for size and color. Eco-friendly people probably have this already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them another one…or gift it to someone who needs to become eco-friendly…

Artist Apron

Your artistic friends can use this apron to store their paints, brushes, and palettes while they’re hard at work. The comfortable, cotton fabric (with four pockets!) can be stitched, painted, dyed, or embroidered. That means your friend can use their creativity to enhance their new gift, or you can personalize it with their name before giving it to them to make it even more meaningful.

Loaded Questions

There’s nothing wrong with buying your friend a present you can enjoy too! Loaded Questions is the perfect game to play at parties because you’ll learn something new about everyone at the table — and laugh your butt off while doing so! Once you play enough times to go through all the cards, there’s even an adult version you can buy. You can break it out when the kids are asleep and you’re ready to get raunchy. (You can also find a list of loaded questions for free here and general fun question games for here as well

Dog Treat Molds

For your animal-loving friends, consider dog treat molds. These reusable containers come in the shape of paw prints and bones. You can use them to create treats for your furry friend — but you can also use them to create chocolate, jelly, or ice cubes for yourself. If you know someone who is an animal lover, this is the perfect gift because it’s not only for them. It’s for their pet too!

Vinyl Record Player

This is a classic gift for any music lover, but the best thing about this specific turntable is that it comes with a Bluetooth speaker and an aux and headphone jack. Oh, and it’s portable. The design is simple, classic, and with a glass protector to keep out dust (when not in use). With this record player, you can jam out to an old Elvis album you found in your parent’s basement or listen to your favorite Spotify playlist (but in a cooler way).

This Is Me Letting You Go 

If you need a gift for a loved one that recently went through a breakup, This Is Me Letting You Go by author Heidi Priebe is a great choice. This beloved book is filled with emotion and simple prose that is bound to shed a tear and help encourage the process of moving on.

Pacman Table Lamp

If your friend is a big fan of arcade games, or just really cute characters,  you can buy them something old-school, like this lamp in the shape of a PacMan ghost. It switches through sixteen different colors and will flash to the beat of music. Even though it’s a geeky present, it’s also a thoughtful present.

Leather Journal

There’s a rustic charm to this journal, with a unique leather binding and earth-friendly paper (made from recycled cotton). If you’re a writer looking for a new notebook, an artist searching for a new sketchbook, or just someone who needs a new journal to scribble their thoughts in, this old fashioned, beautifully crafted leather journal is the perfect gift.

Kodak Color Print Film

If you or someone you know is a photographer and would love to have more film, this 3-pack 35mm color film from Kodak is a must-need. It’s an inexpensive, quality gift, giving you 108 pictures to fulfill your creative needs.

Retro Landline Phone

This is a fresh twist on the classic 1960’s phone. It comes in different colors (mustard yellow, French blue, copper, soft pink) and is easy to use (just plug it into any standard phone socket). This retro landline is the perfect statement piece for your home or bedroom.

Pack of Scrunchies 

Scrunchies are back and probably here to stay. You can buy them pretty much anywhere, but this pack of scrunchies (16, 18, or 20!) is the ultimate, inexpensive gift for someone. There are so many different patterns and colors that are different within each pack… how amazing is that?!

Burts Bees Gift Set 

Pamper yourself with this hand spa kit from Burts Bees. The almond milk hand cream, shea butter hand repair cream, and the lemon butter cuticle cream is made of all-natural ingredients (sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and botanical oils). This is the perfect gift for someone to use during winter or if you just want to give your hands a little bit of moisturizer and TLC.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker 

This easy-to-use coffee maker/pitcher infuser is the best thing to satisfy your cravings for cold brew or iced tea. The system is made of stainless steel and high-resistant heat protectant glass but still has a modern, aesthetically-pleasing design. Enjoy your cold brew coffee at home!

Watering Can 

This aesthetically-pleasing, small, and easy-to-use watering can is perfect for gardeners and plant parents. It is fashionable with the gold accents and functional with the ability to, you know, water plants. This inexpensive watering can is made of galvanized steel so that it won’t rust. How amazing for you and the earth!

Natural Heating and Cooling Pillow

Whether if you have cramps, sore muscles, or unexpected back pain, this pillow heating pad is the perfect remedy.  Its organic cotton linen is machine washable, and its dry cherry seeds have a relaxing texture and the ability to hold any temperature, hot or cold.

Cosmetic Bag 

If you’re always traveling or if you’re just looking for a new bag to store all of your makeup and skincare products, this travel cosmetic bag is the perfect thing for you. It’s water proof, washable, foldable, and provides enough zipper and pocketed storage for brushes, eyeshadow palettes, and anything else you want to fit in here.

Beehive Honey Pot With Dipper

Honey lovers, this is for you! If you want to dribble a little of honey in your tea, in a smoothie, or on a bowl of granola, this mini beehive honey pot jar (with lid and spoon!) will keep it fresh until needed. Not only is it super functional, but the design is cute and dishwasher safe! How sweet!

Crackling Candle Set 

Do you love the smell of lavender or eucalyptus? Did you know that both of those scents are known to relieve anxiety and help you relax? This lavender/eucalyptus candle will bring you to your very own spa day, even with the soft, crackling sounds of a candle burning. Sometimes you just really need to treat yourself to a spa day and this candle is the perfect touch.

Card Holder

If you’re a city resident in need of a place to put your license, credit card, and subway card, or just someone who doesn’t like to carry around a huge wallet for your cards, this cardholder is the best thing for you! This leather cardholder is slim but still has plenty of space, with 7 card slots, a transparent window for a license, and even a small pocket for cash.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 

Beach or pool days are boring without the excitement of music blaring through Bluetooth speakers. This high-quality speaker is waterproof, comes in various colors, and is small enough to fit in a backpack. With a clear sound and a battery that holds up to 36 hours of playtime, this is the perfect speaker for summertime fun.

Succulent and Cactus Growing Kit

Everything you need to grow a succulent and a cactus are in this box: 4 pots, 4 soil discs, 1 moisture meter, 2 cactus & 2 succulent seed packets, and 4 bamboo plant markers. This succulent and cactus growing kit is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t necessarily have a green thumb but still wants to try to take care of a plant…for a little while.

Vintage Desk Lamp 

Everything you need to grow a succulent and a cactus are in this box: 4 pots, 4 soil discs, 1 moisture meter, 2 cactus & 2 succulent seed packets, and 4 bamboo plant markers. This succulent and cactus growing kit is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t necessarily have a green thumb but still wants to try to take care of a plant…for a little while.

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