This beautiful collection by prolific photographer Forrest Smith takes you deep into the woods, across mountaintops, on the open road, and beyond. Forrest’s life adrift conveys life within nature’s most quiet and sacred spaces. You can almost hear the whisper of the trees as you move between the pages of this lovely, hardcover coffee table book.

“Growing up, my mother always told me home is where you hang your hat for the night. She would tell me tales of her life—treks through endless mountains, nights spent under the stars, days of simplicity. Roaming but not lost. Adrift but not absent. As I grew older, I would come to own these stories as well. There’s something special about childhood that I don’t think I’ve ever been able to explain. Inspired by youth and an endless intrigue for the world around me, my journey would begin. With this journey came a camera, and with my camera came these stories.”

—Forrest Smith

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Meet the author

Forrest Smith is a self-taught travel and adventure photographer from Crested Butte, Colorado.


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