Thought Catalog Magazine Issue 03


The Thought Catalog Magazine is our ode to reading.

We live in the golden age of video and social media. In the push for “visual storytelling,” you can open a screen anywhere to find content that will show you a feeling, an experience, an idea. Here’s what a breakup looks like as a young adult, or here’s what it looks like to be anxious before your first job interview. You’re on autopilot; all you have to do is sit back and take it in. At Thought Catalog, we value reading because it engages the reader in an entirely different way. It requires active participation as you explore what it’s like to be the worst person at yoga camp or to read the spooky story of a town in Kentucky you’ll never find on a map. No matter how advanced visual storytelling becomes, nothing can replace the virtual reality of the mind. The Thought Catalog Magazine is our ode to reading.

Issue 03 was published in Spring 2018.

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