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Powerful Alchemy—A Guide to Soulmates, Miracles, and Manifesting Abundance

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In Powerful Alchemy, you will learn how to manifest your dream reality, using the principles of manifestation, psychology, behavioral neuroscience, and numerous exercises to birth abundance, love, wealth, and success beyond your wildest dreams. You will connect to your sacred self, alchemize adversity into opportunities, nurture your soul purpose, and set empowering boundaries.

You will be guided on the journey to manifest true love and self-love, understanding the alchemy of soulmate connections on a deeper level while healing from toxic relationships and calling in your dream relationship. You will learn the truth about soulmates, differentiating between the signs of a healthy soulmate and the red flags of narcissists who keep you trapped in toxic relationships. 

Quotes from Powerful Alchemy—A Guide to Soulmates, Miracles, and Manifesting Abundance

"The space between the visualization and the manifestation is when the miracle occurs."

"The most powerful alchemists are often birthed in great darkness. They learn to transmute their pain into power and pave their own portal to the light, transforming their experiences into powerful soul wisdom and abundance."

"A true soulmate will make you feel cherished and chosen. They will be your biggest cheerleader. If your "soulmate" lacks empathy, kicks you when you're down, or is envious of you and tries to "humble" you while you support them, they're not truly your soulmate. You're in a toxic relationship."

"A healthy soulmate sparks positive personal growth in healthy ways; union with them will bring greater clarity and bring you closer to your authentic, highest version of yourself. A karmic or narcissistic partner may act as a catalyst for brutal growth and transformation, motivating you to set healthier boundaries, but it is in detaching from them that you will truly flourish."

"You are here to break the cycle. You were born for something greater, to break the destructive cycles of those who came before you and to pave the path of blessings and change for future generations to come. You are here to manifest the life of your dreams and to experience everything past generations couldn't. Whether it be generational abuse, harmful beliefs passed down from parent to child or toxic habits that have plagued you for what seems like a lifetime, you were not meant to live a life repeating the same dysfunctional patterns that have hindered your peace of mind time and time again. You were made to experience miracles and the abundance you've always deserved.”


Shahida Arabi

Shahida Arabi is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard University. She is a published researcher on narcissism and the bestselling author of several books. Her books have been translated into 16+ languages all over the world. You can follow her on Instagram and join her Facebook community

Katerina Lolita

Katerina Lolita is a spiritual alchemist who has used manifestation to birth the life of her dreams in love and finances.


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