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Somewhere in Nostalgia

i never intended to write. i never considered myself a writer, or even much of an artist at that. please don’t dive into this book with the thoughts of where the inspiration came from, who the story may be about, or if the sadness is real. do yourself a favor and try hard not to think too hard as you thumb through these pages. do yourself a favor and read this with nothing in mind except yourself. because this is for you. these stories have become your own. these photos and writing are in no way attempting to tell a story. they’re simply just there to shed light upon the shadows of our minds. to speak the words some of us are too afraid to speak.





Drew Wilson

Drew Wilson grew up close to the ocean in Sarasota, Florida. A high school dropout, Drew never attended a formal college or studied art beyond high school. He grew up toying with a friend’s camera and began documenting his youth. Shortly after turning 18 years old, Drew moved to New York City in hopes of gaining further artistic inspiration. Now 25, he currently resides in Brooklyn and works as a freelance photographer and assistant.

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