You’re Overthinking It: Find Lifelong Love By Being Your True Self


You’re Overthinking It: How to Find Lifelong Love by Being Your True Self is the ultimate guide to understanding relationships and enhancing your feelings of worth and self-esteem so that you can find and keep a happy, loving, and mutually fulfilling relationship.

Do you wonder why it’s so hard for you to have the life and love you want? Do you feel powerless in your relationships, like you’re at the mercy of someone else, feeling like you’re chasing a relationship instead of choosing it? Do you get caught in an endless, obsessive, analytical loop trying to understand why nothing works out? Do you find yourself dating the same copy-paste versions of people over and over? Do you know what it takes to have true, lasting love? Do you know the red flags to watch out for and how to be the kind of person that easily and effortlessly gets what they want in life? Do you understand why things haven’t quite worked out the way you wanted them to?

Acclaimed relationship expert Sabrina Alexis Bendory answers all of these questions and more, sharing everything you need to know to find and keep love that lasts.

Download free PDF of You’re Overthinking It: Find Lifelong Love By Being Your True Self, PDF preview courtesy of Thought Catalog Books.

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Sabrina Alexis Bendory is a pioneering blogging entrepreneur who is globally recognized as a dating and relationship expert.


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    After reading this book, I feel I won’t be single for very much longer. I feel so much more relaxed, myself, confident and now have the mindset of a chooser rather than just wanting to be chosen. I am the prize! Not only do I know what I’ve been doing wrong but why. Thank you for all these mind blowing epiphanies, wisdom, and insight, Sabrina! Extremely easy and interesting read, I wish I was able to read it while driving. The knowledge I’ve gained through reading this book goes far beyond the money I paid for it.


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