We Are All Just A Collection Of Cords


We Are All Just A Collection Of Cords is a study in the science of modern solitude and the ways we connect while remaining alone.

This book describes, in poetic verse, the way it feels to be solo while in so many versions of “together.” This is about the way you can spend hours finding the perfect way to press your skin against someone else’s and still feel overwhelmed by the amount of remaining space.

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Meet the author

Chrissy Stockton is a writer, thinker, and creative cheerleader based on the Internet.


  1. This is the poetry book you want if you need self-help but don't want to be told what to do. There is something so soothing about the way Chrissy describes things, the way she places internet slang next to existential concepts. It is effortless, and it is brilliant. It is the kind of book you want to keep in your bag and flip through when you feel like you need to take a deep breath and reset. It is a series of revelations, the way you'd imagine a philosopher would describe their life if they were venting to their best friend.

    Brianna Goodreads

  2. Beautiful, haunting, eloquent, and deeply relatable. This is the kind of poetry book that sits with you long after you've finished it.

    Koty Goodreads

  3. This book consumed me when I received it. It's authentic and the poems can be so striking I literally had to put it down multiple times just to absorb her words, to feel how I related to them. That's great poetry, when you need to pause and reflect.

    Sommer Goodreads

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