She Who Destroys the Light: Fairy Tales Gone Wrong


The best fairy tales are the untold stories, the ones where the powerless take back their power and emerge as the victors, but not before enduring a long, arduous battle with the self and the world.

In her debut poetry collection, ‘She Who Destroys The Light: Fairy Tales Gone Wrong,’ Shahida Arabi candidly explores the themes of destruction and resurrection, unraveling the dark realities of trauma, gaslighting, heartbreak and the survivor’s convoluted journey to freedom, healing, creativity and self-love. This collection provides an uncensored and raw exploration into the complexities of adversity and agency, offering a rare glimpse of what it truly means to survive and rise again from the impact of emotional and psychological violence.

Shahida’s article 50 Shades Of Gaslighting: Disturbing Signs An Abuser Is Twisting Your Reality is one of the most viral on the internet regarding the topic of gaslighting.

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Shahida Arabi is the bestselling author of The Smart Girl’s Guide to Self-Care and Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare.


  1. Ms. Arabi's poetry resonates with the haunting beauty of a soul who has touched life's darkest places and come back to tell her story to those who are awaiting its message. The moment I started reading the poetry in this collection, I experienced a profound emotional connection.

    Millie Kay Amazon

  2. This beautiful text brought healing and companionship to me during the genesis of my healing. I originally saw a poem on Instagram and Googled the title, not knowing what I would find. I was thrilled to find this from Shahida Arabi who is already a trusted source of content (bestselling books, YouTube channel and website) for many victims of abuse and bullying.

    Meems214 Amazon

  3. I loved this collection. It was nice that it was a different collection than some others. Usually when poetry collections have to do with fairy tales they deal with the nice fluffy side of things. These poems are darker and deal with a lot heavier issues. They even have a feminist spin to them which I also liked about them. My favorite poems were, "Rapunzel," "Paper Dolls," "Beauty and the Beast," "Little Red," "O.C.D.," "Ever After," "The Wolf," "The Mad Hatter," "Warriors," "Revolution," "Travis," and "Evolution."

    Stephanie Goodreads

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