Hot Tea and Mercy


Though barely holding her unraveling life together, psychiatrist and closet alcoholic Dr. Marianella Merced charges a pretty penny per hour to guide others in correcting their flaws, including Shandell O’Brien, who is in a losing battle with cancer, and the newly married teacher, Joan Campbell, whose husband is not who she thought he was. As she delves deeper into the stormy lives of the women around her, she becomes inspired to take responsibility for her actions and stay strong during her own darkest hours.

Hot Tea and Mercy is the latest novel from Brooklyn-born author, Rae Lashea.

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Meet the author

Rae Lashea is a Brooklyn-born author who travels extensively to experience the world through the eyes of those who are often invisible.


  1. verified owner

    You will not want to put this book down!! It is a really good read!!! Fiery, sultry, suspenseful, disquieting, emotional, exuberant, saucy, and satisfying to say the least. It does not disappoint.


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