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If you have been hurt, this book puts into words what you may be feeling right now. Through understanding comes healing.

We all have experiences we struggle to put into words. Whether that be heartbreak, loss, mourning, or internal battles, it’s a common theme among all of us as humans. Whether or not you have the ability to understand and put into words, what it is you’re going through, this book does that for you. It gives you strength on your worst days, understanding on your weakest days and reminds you more than anything, to keep going.

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Kirsten Corley is a Jersey Girl born and raised. Learning to survive as a semi New Yorker in Brooklyn.


  1. Kirsten's writings really touch me. It's like all the things I have ever thought of or wanted to say are expressed through her writing. I resonate with so much of it. It's so deeply touching, moving, raw and just plain real. There were times reading I teared up because something said just went straight to my heart. I think I honestly highlighted almost the whole book! With that being said her writing always leaves me with a positive feeling.

    Elizabeth Amazon

  2. This was an amazing book. She really captured the feelings I didn’t know how to put words to. And. Didn’t realize I’d find myself by loving him. Nor did I know I’d find my forever. Incredible read. Every girl needs this book!

    runner21 Amazon

  3. I just want to thank you. This book has taught me things I was blinding myself from seeing. Things I would never bring to light. Things that shadowed me from seeing reality. I believe all things happen for a reason and this book, from the first page, made me believe in that even more. This will forever truly be my favorite book, says someone who doesn't even like to read. This book is worth reading, maybe a second, third and a fourth time.

    Mone't1 iTunes

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