Taj Arora

Taj Arora is a transformational life coach, writer, and photographer from London.

Books by Taj Arora

  • Little by Little


Products by Taj Arora

  • Nothing Is Permanent Hoodie (Taj Arora)

  • I Surrender Mug

  • Love Is Our Greatest Liberation Hat

  • Taj Arora I Know How Desperately You Wish For Love Print

  • Taj Arora You Discover Your Soul Print


About Taj Arora

Taj is a writer, podcast host, travel photographer, and transformational life coach. Using cognitive-behavioral coaching, positive psychology, and mindfulness practices, she guides women and creative entrepreneurs through their own self-discovery journeys. You can often catch Taj writing poetry under soft candle lighting, meditating in the quiet morning hours, traveling with her camera in hand, or savoring small sips of freshly brewed coffee.