Luminescence contains 218 photographs printed in full-color from Brandon Woelfel. Photographs have been artfully curated by Brandon and consist of his best-of published work and numerous unpublished photographs.

Luminescence contains 218 photographs printed in full-color from Brandon Woelfel. Photographs have been artfully curated by Brandon and consist of his best-of published work and numerous unpublished photographs.

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Brandon is such an inspiration for me as a young photographer and to see his journey and how he got to where he is now is just amazing! I love his style and everything about what he does, he is so unique and it is what I aspire to be like as a photographer!
Jpolidori 96, iBooks
I am a huge fan of Brandon Woelfel. His images are always beautifully composed and coloured and this book is an absolutely beautiful way to view them. I find that when looking at an image on a screen often the colours look different to how they're supposed to, to me, the colours look far better in this book compared to on my phone or computer. I'm a massive fan of how thought out each of the pages was, the colours are all positioned so that they match or are complementary and the images on both sides of the book are either from the same photo shoot or from ones that are visually similar.
Sophie, Goodreads
Brandon Woelfel's photos are the epitome of beauty. He always manages to capture shots that look like they are from a dream. His editing skills are magic even though his raw photos are amazing regardless.
What is the purpose of this, iBooks


Brandon Wolfel: Biography

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, New York photographer Brandon Woelfel should feel highly flattered indeed. His beautifully vibrant “luminescent” style, rich in pinks and light blues, is so distinctive and instantly recognizable that someone developed a Lightroom preset just so you can make your photos shimmer like Brandon’s.

Born and based in Long Island, Woelfel attended School of Visual Arts to study computer graphics.  After graduating, he became enraptured with the style of popular Instagram photographers.

After he perfected his own signature style—someone once told him, “your photos all look different but they somehow go together”—word spread about his talent to where he currently has over 1.5 million people following him on Instagram and over a quarter-million on Twitter. He says his sudden fame “still does not feel real.” And he’s only 23!

But it’s not only his magical use of lighting and color—there’s a unique intimacy to his portraiture. The viewer feels like an interloper at a nighttime private beach party of really cool people under a rainbow of fireworks. Soft-spoken, Brandon is such an expert at putting his subjects at ease that he becomes close friends with many of them and repeatedly uses these new friends in new shoots.

But behind his unforgettably pretty images lies a higher purpose: “Photography and art have a huge impact on the world,” Brandon says. “Communicating across various cultures, we’re able to break through language barriers and share our experiences through images. I think it’s important to note that if you truly love what you do, then achievements will follow. Working every day to realize that you can always improve will keep you ahead of the game.”

His first book, Luminescence, was published in 2017 by Thought Catalog. Spanning over 200 gorgeous full-color pages, it brings extra immediacy and texture to the famous style everyone’s grown to know and love on Instagram.

Brandon Woelfel’s current goal is to “have one of my photos on a billboard somewhere in a big city.”

In The Wild

Photographs Tell A Story. This Is My Story.
Photographs Tell A Story. This Is My Story.

Spontaneity for me is essential when creating, so I’m never too far from my camera. No matter where I am or who I’m with, I always keep myself prepared to shoot. Some of my favorite photographs I’ve captured aren’t planned at all—they are the result of impromptu interactions during a photo session or pausing to capture special moments as they unfold on a road trip with my best friends. When the lighting is just right, I make it my mission to stop whatever I’m doing to explore and document it. In these photographs, I aim to capture my personal perspective and leave it illuminating for not only myself but for the viewers as well. My best photos tell an ambiguous story that the audience is able
to interpret independently; the continued encouragement from my viewers drives my creative exploration. That’s the incredible magic of what I am fortunate enough to call “work.”