A Coloring Book That Lets You Indulge Your Childish Pleasures While Brushing Up On The History Of Feminism

Coloring might be most popular amongst kids, but that doesn’t mean adults shouldn’t be given the option to color too. In fact, I’ll have you know that coloring has the potential to be an extremely adult activity, especially when it’s done in tandem with brushing up on history’s most faithful feminists. Featured inside this coloring book are a phalanx of history’s most celebrated crusaders for women’s rights, all rendered in realistic, stenciled drawings that are begging to be colored in. Choose between the ferocious Hillary Clinton, the indomitable Frida Kahlo, or the proudly uninhibited Georgia O’Keefe—to name just a few. It’s a fantastic pastime that you can whip out any time you’re feeling anxious or bored. And if a passerby gives you a quizzical look, just point to the cover and say, “History”—and then go back to trading crayons with your five-year-old cousin.