Your Music Will Sound Much Better When It’s Coming Out Of This Surreal, Light-Up Cloud

If you’re tired of the trite interior decorating styles—of white-washed modern aesthetics, homes fit for a high-end hippie, and Mason jars upturned every which way—then perhaps something of a preternatural vibe, like this cloud lamp, is for you. Not only is this ambient lamp and Bluetooth speaker unique in itself, but each one is also hand made and, by extension, unique in size. Made by Richard Clarkson Studio, the Tiny Cloud works in three modes: it can react and flash to the beat of your music, serve as an ambient lamp, or simply hang in demo mode. Made out of hypoallergenic polyester, it requires little effort to hang, built as it is to screw into any standard household light fitting. So you can finally check “hanging ambient, sound-sensitive, light-up cloud” off your bucket list.