Three’s A Party When You’re Staying At This Treehouse Trio

Fulfill your childhood fantasy of escaping to live in a treehouse by ~getting away~ and staying in this romantic and quaint Treehouse Trio. Integrated into the Buckhead woods outside Atlanta (just minutes from the downtown area), this natural wonderland is made up of three different wooden houses, connected by rope bridges and decorated with dainty white fairy lights. Each house has a living room with stunning 80 year old butterfly-filled windows, a 12-candle chandelier, cozy antique seating that accommodates up to six, and a roomy balcony overlooking an acre of leafy heaven.

A hammock is strung across the deck—optimal for bird (or people) watching or an uninterrupted space for quiet reading. The bedroom has a double bed with dreamy pillows that can actually be rolled out onto an outdoor platform for when the urge to sleep under the stars strikes. The house also comes stocked with a bottle of wine and plenty of snacks, guaranteed upon your arrival. And for those of you who can’t fully “get away,” the house also has WiFi.

It’s the ultimate green getaway to appease nature lovers and city dwellers alike.