This Real Housewife Has Awesome Life Tips (No, Really)

Yes, The Real Housewives franchise has produced a lot of less-than-desirable things. Suicides, jail time, fraud, and bankruptcy are only some of the things that have happened over the course of the show, and that is bad. But there have also been a few awesome things that have come out of the show, and in true Housewives form, one of the best of those things is a book about weight loss.

Naturally Thin is one of the few books about getting healthy and slimming down that doesn’t involve some crazy diet, temporary life overhaul, or shady quick-fix. It’s just a saner, healthier, more intuitive way of getting down to a more comfortable weight, and it allows you to keep eating your favorite foods (without being in a tortured, emotional relationship with them). This is the franchise that gave us Teresa Guidice, yes, but it also gave us this book. So, karmically, it probably evens out.