These Socially Responsible Hybrid Slipper Socks Are A Treat For Your Feet

In spite of all the standing, walking, dancing, and running they help us out with, our feet don’t get much sartorial love. With a pair of Tibetan Socks, which are available in a beautiful assortment of bright patterns reminiscent of the country and culture for which they’re named, that can change. These vibrant slipper-socks aren’t just visually appealing. Made from yak wool, which is 40% warmer than a sheep’s, they’re quite practical too, not to mention soft and cozy.

Whether you buy the ankle version or the longer size (there’s even a line for kids), you also get to feel like a socially responsible human for purchasing them. Each pair is hand woven by women in Tibetan villages throughout the Himalayan region, a job that enables these artisans to earn a living while simultaneously caring for their families at home. Tibetan Socks also donates part of its proceeds to local non-governmental organizations that provide food, medicine, education materials, and other essentials to those in need. One pair of socks translates into twelve nutritious lunches for school children in the remote Indian village of Sikkim, or two weeks of food and lodging for a Tibetan orphan. Thanks to Tibetan Socks, both your feet and your conscience stand to feel great.