The Thinker

You are constantly challenging yourself to understand the world. You are a trove of knowledge and your eagerness to learn is evergreen. You are always asking questions, you are always pushing yourself to uncover what it means to be human. You crave awareness — you are an observer, a wise soul, someone who fills their life with reason and philosophy. Your mind is rare and free. Keep growing it. Let these books inspire your mind, let them teach you something about yourself.

Are you a thinker? Who is the thinker in your life?

This beautiful gift book collection contains What I Didn’t Post on Instagram, edited by Chrissy Stockton, She Who Destroys the Light by Shahida Arabi, and Suicide by Simon Critchley. The Thinker is the perfect gift for an intellectual seeker, yourself included.

Set of 3 paperback perfect bound books. Each cover features foil stamping. Published by Thought Catalog Books. Printed and bound in China and the United States.

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