What Do The Objects You Own Reveal About You? A Book About The Meaning Of Material Objects

As obsessed as our culture is with things, it’s still not often that we take the time to examine our lives through the objects that surround us. In The Object Parade, essayist and memoirist Dinah Lenney does just that, contemplating her family life, her artistic passions, and myriad other mysteries via the physical items in her midst. A spoon, a chandelier, a pair of earrings, a pair of little black dresses: these items (and many more) become canvases onto which Lenney reimagines the still life as tiny worlds in motion. And for all of Lenney’s love for the stuff in her life, she also recognizes—and teaches her reader to recognize—the fleeting nature of the material landscape. “Once we hold an object up to the light,” she writes, “…once we believe it’s divulged its secrets, perhaps we can more easily let it go.”