Take The Same Personality Questionnaire As Marcel Proust And Brigitte Bardot—And Then Compare Answers

This book is inspired by the confession album questionnaire Marcel Proust filled out at the end of the 19th century—which was later auctioned off for 102,000 euros. With an introduction by Henry-Jean Servat detailing the questionnaire’s history, and a foreword by William C. Carter that imparts Proust’s lasting impact, this coffee table-sized book revives Proust’s legendary exam, and gives it new life by placing it firmly in a modern context. In addition to a copy of the original Proust questionnaire, the book contains other answered copies by fondly admired figures such as Brigitte Bardot, Peter Lindbergh, and Marisa Berenson. Ending with a set of blank questionnaires for you to use however you please, this book makes an ideal gift that keeps on giving.