The Perfect Gift For The Feminist In Your Life

When it comes to getting female-produced, thoughtful, beautiful gifts for the feminist(s) in your circle, it’s not always easy. You may not want to give them a copy of The Second Sex with an understated black bow on it, but you also want to give them something that will make their holiday more enlightened and gender-inclusive. And few books are more powerfully female-driven than Marjane Satrapi’s seminal graphic novel Persepolis — later made into an excellent film of the same name. It’s an exploration of what it was like to be a woman in Iran during the fall of the Shah, and then a woman in Europe, carrying her homeland with her in a culture that was at once deeply progressive and deeply ignorant.

Hers is one of the stories that every feminist (and, frankly, person) must read, and this compilation of the two volumes in a beautiful hardcover binding is one of the books that will hold a place of prominence on your friend’s bookshelf for years to come.