The Only Way To Bring A Salad To Work That Isn’t A Total Pain

Packing a healthy green lunch always seems like a good idea—until you realize what doing so requires. You need a container large enough to accommodate a hefty helping of salad, plus a tiny little receptacle for the dressing that won’t actually leak. Also, how will you keep the whole thing fresh?

Luckily, the people at Sistema have solved the bring-your-own-salad-to-work riddle with their smart, all-in-one to-go kit. Fill this snappy tupperware’s “ice brick” with water and freeze it overnight to keep your greens crisp until you’re ready to chow down with the cleverly designed knife and fork inserts. Your dressing can sit snugly in the special screw top vessel provided. This set has everything you need to save money and eat sensibly on a daily basis.