The One Thing That Makes America (Really) Unique

When we talk about American Exceptionalism, we are often thinking of invention, pop culture, and creative innovation. We are thinking of the intangible use and protection of “talent” that creates trillions of dollars in value without being something you can hold in your hands. We are talking about the Steve Jobses, Walt Disneys, and Thomas Edisons of the world. And those people and things are all protected by one (uniquely American) thing, the intellectual property clause of the Constitution.

Revolutionary at the time, the inclusion of one little clause to protect and empower ideas and inventions has been the driving force behind nearly three centuries’ worth of dizzying, market-driven innovation and creativity. The superhuman economies of ideas, from Hollywood, to Silicon Valley, to the Garment District, all owe their success equally to a small passage of the Constitution. And in Creatocracy, best-selling author Elizabeth Wurtzel takes us through the history of the exceptional document that created an exceptional American culture. From the deep flaws and inherent unfairness of the free market, to the brilliant achievements made possible by protecting all ideas equally, Creatocracy makes sense of what makes our culture truly American.