The One Book That Is Better Than Any Makeup Tutorial On YouTube

Watching YouTube beauty tutorials is my greatest guilty pleasure, and my greatest source of frustration. They are fun and addictive and aesthetically pleasing, but also filled with impossibly beautiful women who achieve impossibly complex looks via having invisible pores and perfect bone structure. They simply don’t adjust the recipe, so to speak, for people who might have a normal-looking face.

Which is why Kevyn Aucoin, and his seminal book on the art of cosmetics, was (and is) so important. He teaches beauty in a foundational way, that is adaptable to every skin type, facial structure, and lifestyle. You learn more about your own beauty (and relationship with makeup) reading his book than you do with a thousand self-loathing marathons of Michelle Phan. He just got women and beauty, in a way no one else has since.