The Nomad

You will never stop searching. You are dedicated to seeing everything the world has to offer. You are dedicated to exploring and discovering and having the Earth take your breath away. Your heart is restless; it will never be contained. You are a true risk taker — never bound by fear, always pushed by an intense allegiance to wandering and getting lost. To you, freedom is your teacher. To you, the world is your home.

Let these books inspire you to roam, let them inspire you to drift.

Are you a nomad? Who is the nomad in your life?

This beautiful gift book collection contains Somewhere On a Highway by Marisa Donnelly and From Excuses to Excursions by Gloria Atanmo. The Nomad is the perfect gift for travel lovers, adventurous souls, and those on the journey to self-discovery…yourself included.

Set of 2 paperback perfect bound books. Published by Thought Catalog Books. Printed and bound in the United States.