The Feeler

You feel everything deep in your bones. You are the person who believes that you should always be ruthlessly honest with your heart. You commend those in the world who don’t hold themselves back, those who choose to be vulnerable, those who choose to empower themselves in all that they are. You are the epitome of living life with your heart on your sleeve. You are unapologetically yourself. You never back down from your depths — you leap into them. Let these books ignite your heart. Let them start a fire inside you.

Are you a feeler? Who is the feeler in your life?

This beautiful gift book collection contains Bloodline by Ari Eastman, But Before You Leave by Kirsten Corley and The First New Universe by Heidi Priebe. The Feeler is a perfect gift for compassionate and deep souls, yourself included.

Set of 3 paperback perfect bound books. Published by Thought Catalog Books. Printed and bound in the United States.

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