Turn Your Living Room Into A Playground (Without The Germs Or Screaming Kids)

“Sitting tight” would be a whole lot more fun if you’re doing it on a swing. This handmade Dolce Vita swing from Svvving will prove a useful home addition to the impatient, stressed, or simply anyone who wants to squeeze in some minimal physical activity without having to stand up. The perfect compromise between your inner child and your outer, more mature façade, this luxury swing is suspended by red cords, comes with a leather cushion (colored to your liking), and is made of walnut varnished wood. The suspension cords range in length—2.5m or 4.5m—and has strong loops at the top that will effortlessly (but securely!) hook onto screws in your ceiling. It’s the swing your younger, past self would’ve definitely wanted you to buy—especially since you’ll never have to wait in line to catch a ride.