Adorable Page Markers So You Never Have To Dog Ear Your Books Again

Product Description

  • Create miniature scenes and landscapes whilst marking the pages of your books, catalogs, and documents.
  • The concept design for these little bookmarks came from thinking about what they could become not just as charming things on their own, but as a group.
  • Use these paper post-its to bookmark pages containing important or lovely quotes, photos and sections of books, catalogs and documents, and create a micro landscape as you go!
  • Each pack of markers are mounted on and presented in a simple card wrap, then placed inside a clear wrapper. A simple design that makes a great gift.
  • There are 10 pack-types that depict natural landscapes and environments, as well as a set of cities, along with their famous landmarks, buildings and even a fictional character or two!
    • Mars (aliens, galactic party rock and space buggies)
    • Sky (fluffy clouds and a juicy little rainbow)
    • Ocean (curly wurly waves, icebergs and a couple of (friendly) sharks)
    • Polar (icebergs, igloos, snow covered trees and penguins)
    • Desert (sand dunes, cacti and skulls)
    • Forest (pointy, bubbly and perfectly round trees, and tufts of grass)
    • London (skyline including big ben, the gherkin, St Paul’s cathedral, London eye, red buses, houses and tower-blocks)
    • New York (skyline including the chrysler building, the statue of liberty, the empire state (inc. king kong), yellow cabs, tower blocks and apartments)
    • Tokyo (skyline including Godzilla, Tokyo tower, tochoō, sky tree, thundergate, ‘mansions’ and tower blocks)
    • Hong Kong (skyline including the international finance centre, peak tower, bank of china building, boats and tower blocks)