Get Two Pieces For The Price Of One From The Last Ever Marc By Marc Jacobs Collection

It’s been awhile since berets were worn in a sophisticated and honorable manner—or at least not since they were hijacked by feigned poets with strained rhyme schemes and iambic pentameters. Before that, they were a symbol of defiance and, more importantly, rebellion. Thankfully, however, the beret has finally been freed from its poseur-tinged captivity and reclaimed by its rightful owners. Among the upright citizens reclaiming the beret are Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, who, for Marc by Marc Jacobs’ last collection ever, designed berets for the modern (in their words) “charming vigilante.” This particular beret comes bedecked with an assortment of buttons, jewelry, and trinkets, all of which can be found sprinkled throughout the collection. No longer the unofficial emblem of cheese, this beret makes both a great case for important, politically charged fashion and a very cute fall accessory.