You Won’t Feel Bad About Skipping Yoga And (Nama)staying In Bed When You Have This Sweatshirt

Do you tense up at the thought of meditation? Swat at any and every bug that crosses your path, including butterflies? Does the pursuit of zen drive you into a violent rage? If you answered yes to any of these, then this sweatshirt is for you. Made of French terrycloth in a raglan cut, this heather grey short-sleeve sweatshirt is an apt sartorial addition for anyone who equates the word “cleanse” with copious buckets of fried chicken. So next time your alarm tries to sadistically lift you from your restorative slumber and get you to that 7am yogilates class you foolhardily signed up for, throw on this comfy sweatshirt and pull the covers over your head instead. And as you doze off to sleep once more, you can blissfully murmur to yourself, “Namaste…”