A Knockout Bra For The Vixen Pin-Up

This satin number is essentially a combo of Madonna’s infamous bullet bra from the 80s, and the naughty undergarments of a 50s housewife. It’s the perfect blend of modern and vintage—the soft, satin cups have retro topstitching, but are sexed-up with modern detailing. Plus, it totally gives you Mad Men tits with clothes on. This bra is versatile, because besides being sexy lingerie it’s also functional, and looks good worn underneath most clothes, unlike a lot of lingerie, which make your boobs look crazy under a shirt. Any girls with a C-cup and above know it’s not always easy to find a bra that’s sexy, skimpy, and holds your tits where they’re supposed to be, but this bra is great for busty girls because it has support.

Fleur du Mal lingerie was founded in 2012 by designer Jennifer Zuccarini, a former design director of Victoria’s Secret and the co-founder of luxury brand Kiki de Montparnasse. Clearly, Zuccarini has refined taste in undergarments, and Fleur fu Mal really feels like a marriage of all her design skills—feminine elegance, meets S&M, with functionality!